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Automatic gate repair – Huddersfield based Cummins Turbo Technology Ltd

Installing new security systems is a big part of our work; we’re also happy to diagnose any issues and repair your current security equipment too. When Cummins Turbo Technology Ltd in Huddersfield called us with a problem with their automatic gate we were happy to send an engineer out to fix it…

 Access to your work premises is something you can easily take for granted; so when an automatic gate needs a repair it can impact your business until it’s in full working order again. Cummins Turbo Technology Ltd acted quickly and we were on our way to make sure that their property was secure and readily accessible again.

TI Security Automatic Gate Repair Huddersfield Leeds

Engine turbo experts in Huddersfield 

Established in Huddersfield back in 1952, Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd has since expanded across the world, with branches as far afield as China, Brazil, India, The Netherlands and America. They are now well placed as a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality turbochargers for engine systems and the commercial vehicle market.

Their strong reputation is built around their exceptional engineering capabilities and durable technical solutions; which have broadened since their inception to include wastegate, variable geometry, power turbine, two-stage and waste heat turbine expander systems.


TI Security Cummins Turbo Technology Huddersfield Leeds

Another gate repair successfully completed 

After speaking with the team at Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd, we were pretty sure that we knew what the problem was and how to go about their automatic gate repair. Huddersfield is only a short drive away, so we headed off to see if we were correct! Our security experts quickly diagnosed that the carriage wheels on the automatic gate needed replacing – exactly as we suspected.

Because an automatic gate has to give flawless service year-on-year, it’s crucial that the carriage wheels it runs on are in good condition. Fortunately, the track and wheel unit that the gate moves on was strong and secure; a stable surface is essential for smooth running. We replaced the carriage wheels, set-up the gate and tested before giving it a clean bill of health.

What the client said…TI Security Automatic Gate Repair Huddersfield

 “Site access and security are obviously important to us; we need to make sure that our automatic gate is working well at all times. TI Security inspected the operation of the gate which we saw that the carriage wheels needed replacing. From first contact to the finished work; we found them helpful and knowledgeable and it’s good to have a fully functioning gate at our premises again.”

 If you’re looking for help with any security installation or an automatic gate repair; Huddersfield is just one of the many places nationwide that we can service. Give us a ring on 0113 281 2106 and we’ll soon have your business secure and running smoothly.

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