Site security specialists with CHAS accreditation

If you’re a public or private organisation looking for a trusted and reliable provider of site security products and services, TI Security of Leeds is fully accredited by the CHAS health and safety scheme. A CHAS accreditation demonstrates that not only are our installers fully compliant with health and safety guidelines, but also shows that we have been fully assessed and recognised to have effective policies and processes in place, to ensure that all our work is conducted to the highest standards.

Benefits of using CHAS accredited contractors

The CHAS scheme was developed in order to reduce the lengthy process that buyers and suppliers historically needed to complete in order to validate the necessary health and safety standards. It also creates a standardised system, with all CHAS buyers accepting the agreed level of health and safety performance proved by the accreditation, so that procurement can be managed more consistently, efficiently and effectively.

The standards that must be met in order to be granted accreditation were defined back in 1997 through consultation between a collective of health and safety procurement specialists and the Association of London Government (ALG).

Other accreditations held by TI Security include



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