Gate Safe Accredited Installer

Whether you’re looking for an automatic gate installation for domestic or commercial purposes, safety has to be the paramount priority – which is why we’ve worked hard to achieve our Gate Safe Aware accreditation.

When you work with TI Security, you can be sure that your installation will meet the stringent safety standards as stipulated by the Gate Safe organisation.

Established in 2010, Gate Safe is responsible for raising awareness of the guidelines and legislation relating to the manufacture and installation of automated gates, ensuring that contractors truly understand the requirements that need to be adhered to, to keep users safe at all times.

Responsible and reliable installations

Gate Safe is continually pushing for tighter regulations when it comes to automatic gate safety, and works hard to improve standards, especially in regards to the servicing and maintenance of older gates that were installed prior to the development of current guidelines.

Our team of installers have a keen awareness of all related safety matters, going above and beyond the guidelines to help keep our customers safe. Our installers are subject to rigorous training and are committed to working to the highest standards of service.

We’re also registered/accredited by several other key organisations concerned with keeping our industry safe, including:

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