Hands free intercom for easy access control

Using a hands free intercom for easy access control

Over the years, we’ve come across many large, commercial clients who want to install a sliding or swing gate, traffic barrier,  bollard or other access control system but are faced with a problem: a single lane entrance onto their site with limited room for an intercom.

So how do we solve it?TI Security Armco, Paxton and Intercom

Some sites have a wide enough road and two lane entry to enable the installation of a traffic island where they can situate their intercoms; but many others don’t. With conventional intercoms, you need to be able to push a button on the equipment to connect; so if you have a single lane entrance with two way traffic; you have a situation where you need to park up and get out of their vehicle to press the intercom. This can cause issues with other passing vehicles, driver safety and generally causes hold-ups at busier entrances.

Added to this, if the intercom is located in the middle island; it’s on the wrong side for foreign drivers as they’re in a left-hand drive vehicle.

We worked on an access control and intercom system for Hesco Bastion, where the site had sufficient space for a two-lane entry and an island for the intercom; but when we worked on a new clients’ site, we found we needed a way to overcome this age-old problem so they could make their site secure.

TI Security Hands Free Intercom, Speak, ANPR, TI VanThe solution – a hands free intercom system

So if you have a single lane entry, or with the case of delivery vans and lorries from overseas, even space for an island; how can you ensure everyone can easily use the intercom without having to spend more on extra equipment?

We’ve designed an integrated gate and hands free intercom access control system that completely eradicates these issues. By using sensors to detect an approaching vehicle, the intercom is activated and staff can communicate via a speaker; while a long-range microphone allows the driver to communicate through their open window; without having to reach out or get out!

Even left-hand drive vehicles are catered for; the driver just uses the electronic controls to wind down the passenger side and call through his identity.

ANPR and access control

One of the great things about this truly innovative access control solution is that it can be interfaced with ANPR; allowing immediate access to staff and regular visitors who are logged on the system – no more key fobs or PINS.

We’ve also ensured an audit process, with ANPR-allowed drivers having their entry details logged on the server; which can be extended to the building’s main door as well as just at the gate system. This is usually only achievable with a swipe of an card or key fob, but now, it’s all hands free!

One benefit is that with just one hands free intercom system, you have more flexibility in regards to its installation; so you can install it out of potential harm’s way from a wayward vehicle; where road-side intercoms are much more prone to accidental damage and subsequent repairs bills.

If  you require access control to keep your site secure; we will design an integrated automatic gate, hands free intercom and ANPR system to your specifications. Just give us a call on 0113 281 2106.

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