Paxton Net2 access control, York

Paxton Net2 access control system installation, York

Our engineers recently carried out another successful installation of a Paxton Net2 access control system for a York-based solicitor; but this was just part of an integrated site security solution, so let’s look at the bigger picture…

A reliable, well designed access control system is crucial for many businesses in order to protect their personnel, visitors and premises. However, this approach isn’t just used when a company holds valuable stock or deals in cash.

A bespoke access control system can offer a great sense of security and peace of mind when it comes to protecting sensitive information; also to monitor the ‘comings and goings’ of staff and clients too.TI Secuirty Paxton Net2 Access Control

Developing a tailored access control system

When a leading solicitor in York asked us for help with their access control; we were more than happy to assist. We sent along our engineers to have a chat and survey the site; in order to assess their specific requirements and design a system that would give them the exact level of protection they needed.

We needed to control access to both the exterior and interior of the solicitor’s premises; so we recommended a robust system comprised of several different components for complete peace of mind.

This is how we did it…

Paxton Net2, swing gates and much more…

TI Security Paxton Net2 Access Control Door EntrySo firstly, we needed to address access into the back of the premises, so we recommended the installation of two swing gates , along with a CCTV system so they could approve or deny access when someone rolled up to the gates.

We also suggested the integration of an intruder and hold-up alarm  – but how would we ensure they could manage everything efficiently and easily?

Simple! We also recommended securing the building and site with one of the leading access control systems currently on the market; the Paxton Net2.

This meant that all staff are issued a key fob, giving them immediate access at the main door; while the CCTV provides a system for checking who’s at the door, so reception staff can assess who’s there and automatically unlock the secure door when appropriate.

Efficient access control at its best

By integrating several different security products, we provided a secure access control system that allows our client to manage access at all points of entry; nobody can get into the site or the premises without being registered as a user on the system; or by being granted access by staff on the inside of the building.

This solution has given our client confidence and the control without worrying about unwanted visitors; another job well done by our team and another happy client too!

If you’d like more information about the benefits of Paxton Net2; or would like a free quote for access control system in York, Leeds, or anywhere in the UK; please give us a ring on 0113 281 2106.

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