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Paxton Access Control

About Paxton and TI Security

Paxton Access Control is recognised as being one of the most reliable, user friendly and comprehensive access control systems available. TI Security chose Paxton Access Control as one of our key technology providers in 1995, and we’ve successfully worked with them on over 296 projects so far.

TI Security is a Paxton Gold installer (installer levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold) and we’re currently rated as number 7 out of over 700 installers within their installer program.

All of our security consultants and engineers have attended the Paxton training program and are experts in the design, installation, maintenance and repair of their systems.

We carry significant stocks of Paxton Access Control equipment at our warehouse and can usually obtain any other parts the next working day. TI Security is able to offer professional advice, technical expertise and engineer attendance across the UK.

Why Install Paxton Access Control?

  • Paxton Access Control gives you control over who gains entry to your car park, building or site perimeter
  • Once you’ve determined who you would like to grant with access control to your premises, the Paxton key ring fobs or cards can be distributed to your authorised users giving immediate control of your site security
  • Keys can be lost or stolen and locks damaged, as a result this can incur significant cost and hassle to replace and redistribute new keys. If a Paxton fob or card is lost or stolen, simply void that particular proximity card or fob. All other cards and fobs will continue to provide access
  • Simple and easy to use

Methods of Access with a Paxton System

  • Keypads – for a coded access
  • Proximity fobs or cards – proximity readers provide ‘contactless’ access control
  • Biometrics – fingerprint or hand readers can be used as a means of identification and to grant authorised access
  • Long range radio transmitters – ideal where you wish to grant access up to 20m away
  • Swipe card – magnetic readers are available, although where new systems are installed we would advise on a more robust technology, such as proximity fobs and cards or biometrics

For higher levels of security a combination of the above devices can be provided using biometric finger or hand reader and proximity fob or proximity fob and keypad code for example.

Access control equipment and phone app

The Paxton Range of Products

  • Compact – Paxton Compact give access control to single door applications and can be utilised on multiple doors within a single site. Proximity fobs or cards and magnetic swipe cards can be added and deleted at each door using simple to use programming cards. Paxton Compact is best suited to low security applications where networked or remote access is not required and the number of users is relatively small and infrequently changed
  • Switch – Paxton Switch offers all of the advantages of the Compact system but for higher security applications where the card or fob reader is separated from the system memory. Long range readers can also be used with the Paxton Switch system
  • Net 2 – Paxton Net 2 offers the highest level of control, flexibility and scalability. Each controlled door, car park barrier, automatic gate, automatic door is connected to a network and be accessed and managed remotely.

What are the Benefits of Paxton Net2?

  • Central Control – All doors, turnstiles, car park barriers and automatic sliding gates can be controlled from one or multiple locations
  • Reporting – An event is generated every time a proximity token or card is used to gain access. The event log records the time and date of operation and the user name
  • Complete flexibility – Access can be granted to users according to time and place. Users can be added to the system from your PC and given instant access to given doors, electric gates, barriers and turnstiles
  • Authorised Users – Paxton Net 2 can be installed on machinery and other powered equipment to allow only authorised and trained users to operate. Individual access user rights can be altered and tailored to the person and required times of access. All changes made are instantly updated to all doors, electric gates and turnstiles.
  • Paxton Access Control can be interfaced with any existing electronic locking system, lifts, gates and barriers
  • If someone leaves without handing back their token or card, simply bar the user’s fob from the system
  • The software is extremely easy to navigate and use and utilises a familiar Window’s explorer style interface
  • Use the Paxton Net 2 integrated Site Graphics system to provide a visual representation of the site, complete with door locations and real-time door status. Site Graphics alerts the user to door forced events or unauthorised access attempts and where they are occurring allowing those monitoring to act swiftly to investigate the event.
  • Paxton can be integrated with an IP CCTV system to provide camera images and reader data to be combined
  • Anti-pass back can be programmed to prevent codes, fobs and cards being passed to other users to allow entry
  • Link to your fire alarm system for automatic unlocking of designated fire doors
  • Use the ‘Triggers & Actions’ function to allow control of elevators, lighting, heating and much more


Paxton Net2 Reporting

  • The events screen allows you to view the ‘real time’ events as they’re happening
  • See ‘Who is in today?’ with a glance at your computer
  • See if unauthorised access has been attempted, either by forcing a door, or by use of an invalid token, proximity fob or card
  • Default reports are available from the software. Standard reports can show all events, all events in a set time frame, last known position of a user and much much more
  • Report wizard – Allows you to create custom reports that are tailored to the way you work, to give you the results you want time and time again

What Does Complete Flexibility Mean?

Using time zones means you can allow or refuse access to different individuals or groups of people, to different doors within set time scales. Examples of this use include:

  • Giving authorised or preferential users access to certain rooms and areas whilst restricting other persons. This is ideal for restricting access to server rooms, data storage areas, high value components and parts stores, sensitive departments such as IT, Research & Development, HR, Directors’ offices etc
  • Giving cleaners access to your site at certain times and days of the week but restricting access outside the set times and days
  • Contractors and temporary staff can be given reduced access rights
  • You may wish factory staff to have access to offices in normal office hours. The factory workers may be set to allow access from 8am to 6pm, Monday – Friday
  • Time zones can be created to give groups of people or individuals access at set times of the day
  • Public holidays or factory shut downs can be programmed into the system to prevent access to certain persons during these times

Am I Limited To Managing Net2 From One Workstation?


Control and management of the system can be accessed from multiple workstations allowing different departments to set their own access rights and dispense their own fobs and cards

What About Remote Sites Which Are Managed From A Central Location?

No Problem.

Net 2 can be used to control access on remote sites using TCP/IP (Local or Wide Area Network connection LAN/WAN) and dial-up via modem. With remote access you have all of the functionality of the Net 2 system allowing you to instantly grant access or add or void user codes, fobs or cards.

What About Emergency Evacuation / Roll Call & Muster Reporting?


The Paxton Net 2 App can be installed on your iPhone or Android device to send a report of all persons onsite to your phone or other electronic device.

Roll call and muster reporting can be used as a means of checking staff in at a safe central point if there has been an alarm which requires the evacuation of the building.

A reader can be located at safe area of the site to log members of staff. Staff members present their fob or card at the muster point. The Net 2 report will update to a status of ‘safe’ against the record of the token holder.

A Roll Call / Muster Report can be generated on the PC at a muster point to show who was in the building or an area at the time of an alarm.

All Paxton Access Control systems can be programmed to automatically unlock doors, turnstiles and gates (if required).

For further information or to arrange a consultation, contact one of our security consultants.

Can I use Paxton Net2 for Time & Attendance & Payroll Production?


The Paxton Timesheet function can be incorporated into your system to record time and attendance

Paxton Net 2 can show the number of hours worked by each employee

Dedicated readers can be installed in multiple locations dependant on the entry and exit points to your site

Set the number of days holiday per employee – Timesheet will show how many days holiday remain to be taken. Employees who work from home can log in over a network. Timesheet can be exported as a CSV file for use with other payroll applications

Where clients require more detailed reporting or functions for Payroll and Time & Attendance Paxton Net 2 can be interfaced with our specialised T&A software system. For more information please consult our security consultants

I Use a Proximity Fob To Set and Unset My Burglar Alarm System – Can It Be Integrated With Paxton Net2?


Paxton Net 2 can be interfaced with your existing alarm system to reduce the number of fobs needed, and Paxton Access Control can even be used to disarm your intruder alarm system.

If a system user arrives onsite early but does not have the authority to deactivate the alarm system, they will be denied access to the building. This can also reduce the number of false activations from your intruder alarm.

Burglar alarm integration can simplify setting and un-setting your alarm system and greatly reduces the risk of false alarms and unnecessary call-outs.

Paxton for Identification

Paxton Net 2 can be used to manage your ID badge system, design badges and print via a card printer

We can install a range of card printers to suit all budgets or provide a managed card service

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