TI Security Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards Leeds, Yorkshire

Automatic bollards are suitable for both security and access control applications in either domestic or commercial premises. TI Security can supply, install and maintain automatic bollards in Leeds, Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

Crash Tested Bollards

The crash tested automated bollard provides extra high security. The system was tested in the USA against a 6.8 tonne vehicle traveling at 64 kph. The vehicle was paralysed within 10 metres of hitting the bollard.

The system is an ideal alternative to the Roadblocker for sites that are more architecturally sensitive, while still providing a high security barrier against potential threat. Lying flush to the road surface when at rest, the bollard raises to its full extension of 640mm or 800mm, and the standard raise time can be accelerated by the addition of an accumulator for emergency fast operation.

Controlled by a central PLC, the bollard can be operated by security personnel or by individual drivers. The bollard is extremely strong and its robust construction ensures minimal ongoing maintenance. It also benefits from a vandal resistant design and is unobtrusive to pedestrians.

Available with:

  • Stop / No Entry signs
  • Warning lights
  • Traffic Lights / Vehicle Detection Loops
  • Safety edges and safety beams
  • Integration with third party access control systems
  • Intensive use, 100% duty ratings
  • Single & three phase versions
  • Manual override
  • Powder coating to a variety of RAL colours
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