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BT Redcare devices have been protecting people’s properties for over 25 years and Redcare continues to provide some of the most popular signalling systems today. Our preferred signalling devices from BT are the Redcare Secure systems, as they meet the highest security requirements within the industry and comply fully with the Police (ACPO) and British / European requirements. Where the customer or their insurance company requires a different Redcare solution, we will happily meet these requests.

What is Redcare Secure?

In everyday terms, Redcare Secure is a small device which is fitted inside or alongside your intruder alarm panel and monitors for anything out of the ordinary.

How does it work?

Once installed, your BT Redcare signalling device will continuously monitor your alarm system for signals relating to faults or tampering and of course, alarm activations. In the event that the signalling device receives one of these alerts, it will immediately contact our alarm receiving centre so that they can respond accordingly.

Redcare Secure is a dual path signalling device meaning that it communicates with our Alarm Receiving Centre via both the mobile network and a telephone line (or IP connection). In the event that one of the communication paths is unavailable, for example, your telephone line is cut, the device can still send signals to the receiving centre using the mobile network – so you always have the upper hand on attacks to the system.

What about fire system monitoring?

If you’ve got a fire alarm system that you’d like us to monitor, we can certainly help you out. If we already monitor your intruder alarm system, we may be able to link your fire alarm so that in the event of an activation, key holders will be called and if necessary, the fire brigade.

For total compliance with fire alarm monitoring standards, a separate signalling device needs to be installed inside your fire alarm panel. ‘Redcare Fire’ is specially developed for monitoring fire alarm systems but uses the same communication technology as Redcare Secure so you can be safe in the knowledge that in the event of an activation, a signal will reach our receiving centre in seconds.

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