Wireless Intruder Alarms… Stay Secure Whilst Waving Goodbye to Cables

There are a number of reasons why it’s not always convenient to have a wired intruder alarm installed. Perhaps you’ve recently decorated and don’t want anything disturbing or maybe it’s not possible to run cables to a desired position within a building. Issues like these are now easily overcome by having a secure wireless intruder alarm system installed at your property.

Our wireless intruder alarm systems are as straightforward to use as our wired systems and incorporate high security wireless encryption to ensure that all communications between control equipment and detection are protected from interference by unwelcome intruders.

Our wireless detection keeps continuous communication with the control panel ensuring that the system is always alert. Instant wake up and sleep technology allows the detection to save battery power whilst ensuring that the system remains fully secure.

For complete peace of mind, wireless systems can be monitored using either the built-in communicator or a standalone signalling device so that in the event of an activation, your key holders and the necessary emergency services will be contacted by our alarm receiving centre. For more information on monitoring, please visit our BT Redcare and CSL Dualcom pages or give our friendly office team a call.

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