Keyholder response services for intruder alarm systems

Based in Leeds and serving clients on a nationwide scale, TI Security offers a cost-effective keyholder response service to complement your CCTV system and intruder control solutions.

Our keyholder response service offers a fantastic alternative to the more traditional ‘police response’ approach, helping you to bypass the very strict requirements required by the latter. If you have a monitored CCTV system, our control units can send out a trained security operator to your premises in response to any security breach, enabling fast action and minimising the risk of theft or further damage.

It’s most likely that your CCTV system will be linked to your intruder alarms, allowing for two-fold monitoring and the maximum level of security. We can manage the monitoring of both systems, with your keys held in a highly secure safe at the control unit site – so our security personnel can travel directly to your premises should a situation arise, without delay.

The benefits of our keyholder response services

There are many reasons that keyholder response is the ideal solution to your security requirements, including:

  • Minimise risk to your managers and staff – our keyholders are trained to manage security breaches, which is preferable to sending your own employees into a potentially high-risk situation
  • Quick communication – when a keyholder is despatched, we’ll notify you immediately of the problem and also deal with the police if required
  • Securing your site – our keyholders will quickly arrange for any damage repair, such as boarding up doors or windows, to ensure your site is re-secured as soon as possible
  • Cheaper than onsite security – while there are costs involved in installing a new CCTV/alarm system or modifying your existing one, these are quickly outweighed when you consider the alternative of hiring security personnel to physically man your site

Identifying the perfect security solution for your business

Our security experts will happily visit your premises, in Leeds or anywhere in the UK, to help you identify the best possible security solutions for your needs. We’ll assess your current security measures and put forward recommendations for improvement, if necessary, or assist in the supply and installation of a brand new CCTV or intruder alarm system if required.

By combining a good quality security system with a dedicated keyholder response service, you’ll have the peace of mind that your business or site is protected to the highest of standards. If you’d like more information about keyholding or any of our other services please call us on 0113 281 2106 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

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