It should go without saying that we treat our clients security with the utmost importance however on occasions, our clients require a solution which offers them something a little more bespoke. We specialise in a number of fields including but not limited to the categories on the left.

Please take a look at the specialist categories we have selected and see what we may be able to do for you. If you have any questions at all then our friendly team of professionals are available to answer your questions on 0113 2812106 or send us an email by clicking here.

TI Security Sectors Business

Professional Security Services for Business and Public Sector Clients

Professional security company based in Leeds, offering a full range of services for business and public sector clients

We listen closely to the needs of our clients and offer cost effective bespoke solutions tailored to individual requirements, using only the highest quality components.

Our installation, maintenance and technical support teams undergo continuous training to ensure that your high standards, and our own, are consistently met.

We’re at the cutting edge of modern design and technological innovation, allowing us to advise, design, install, maintain and monitor professional security systems to the highest standards. TI Security supplies security systems and services to all areas of Yorkshire, Leeds and also throughout the UK.

Need a bespoke Integrated Security System that incorporates all of the above services?

TI Security is able to offer a full integrated system that works specifically for your business, your staff and your on-site requirements and responsibilities.

TI Security-Sectors-Education

TI Security Specialise in Working with Schools & Nurseries, to Safeguard Children and Vulnerable People

Specialists in school and nursery security systems

We now look after over 160 schools and nurseries across the UK – and each one was referred to TI Security by an existing client.

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority have now merged to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We ensure that our engineers are fully vetted to help you comply with your safeguarding requirements (as inspected by Ofsted).

Staff working in schools and nurseries must ensure that children are collected by authorised carers and relatives. We can provide access control systems to doors and gates which will only allow entry to authorised members of staff (using keypads, proximity fobs and biometric readers) and audio and video intercoms for parents and guardians.

Where a school or nursery requires enhanced levels of identification, we install our biometric readers which work via either hand print or finger print recognition of a child’s carer or relative.

Ways we can help your school or nursery:

Secure the site boundaries, using suitable fencing (including bow top, palisade, mesh and vertical bars), automatic gates and barriers. We’ll install systems that blend into the environment and that are best suited to educational institutions.

Comply with the Machinery Directive which is a legal requirement applicable to electric gates, car park barriers and automatic doors. Under the Machinery Directive your traffic barriers etc must have suitable safety equipment, be designed to reduce any hazards, be tested annually and fully documented and CE marked.

Reduce vandalism and crime on your site, and most importantly help protect pupils and staff.

Segregate vehicles and pedestrians. When pupils and staff arrive on school premises it’s imperative that they’re protected from speeding vehicles, unauthorised and inappropriate vehicles, unauthorised car park use, and inappropriate parking which obscures safe pedestrian crossing areas and footpaths. We can provide traffic barriers, speed humps and bumps, CCTV enforcement cameras and suitable signage.

Meet the requirements of an Ofsted inspection by providing full electronic reporting of all servicing and maintenance work (we provide a report automatically by email for all works we carry out) to enable you to demonstrate effective service, maintenance and management of firefighting equipment including fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems and burglar alarms, intercoms and access control.

Ofsted includes the safe operation of gates, barriers and doors within their inspection framework. TI Security will ensure that you comply with the British and European standards and most importantly operate safe and child-friendly systems.

By installing discreet, yet effective high definition high quality CCTV to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent health and safety claims, and false allegations against staff and students.

Reduce and mitigate against spurious injury claims, Health and Safety issues and general housekeeping.

Provide an effective deterrent against crime and suitable evidence where required

By providing a ‘one stop shop’ to manage, maintain and monitor your:

Electric Gates, Traffic Barriers & Car Park Barriers in Nurseries & Schools

In 2010, two young children were tragically killed by automatic sliding gates. In 2006, a nine year old boy was killed by an automatic swing gate, not to mention countless near misses and non fatal incidents. In each situation, the electric gates had not been properly installed, tested and maintained to the British and European Standards.

Automatic traffic barrier boom arms, without safety equipment, are powerful enough to fracture the skull and cause a fatality if installed without safety edges, safety beams (safety eyes), flashing lights, warning sounders and signage.

These deaths, injuries and near misses could have been avoided had the gates and car park barriers in question been installed in accordance with the British and European Standards. Unrestricted and non-compliant automatic gates can operate at forces of over 1000 newton force, which is powerful enough to crush, shear and trap parts of the body, easily resulting in a serious injury or fatality.

The safe operation, use, repair and maintenance of car park gates and traffic barriers can only be guaranteed by using a qualified and experienced installer like TI Security.

We have over 20 years’ experience installing, maintaining and repairing all makes and models of electric gate openers and rising car park barriers.

Many schools and nurseries have installed automatic gates, automatic pedestrian gates and raising arms in a bid to prevent children being removed from school without following the proper child collection procedures, and to prevent young and vulnerable children running out onto the highway, into car parks, school bus turning and parking areas. Unfortunately the majority of these installations have not been installed to the current standards (which are retrospective in their application), nor maintained and repaired by qualified engineers.

It should be noted that the installation of a simple “magic eye” which will trigger the gate or barrier to open will not meet the safety standards, indeed in one fatality a child was triggering the “magic eye ” or “photocell which triggered the gate to continue to try to fully open and contributed to the child’s head being crushed.

TI Security engineers are fully qualified and experienced in the installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of automatic gates, electric swing gates, electric sliding gates, traffic barriers and car park barriers.

We can inspect your existing pedestrian access

TI Security takes child and pedestrian safety very seriously and we’ll never leave a gate or barrier in an unsafe operational state.

We’ll also ensure that a fully documented, CE marked User Manual is issued with critical emergency procedures, and that manual override procedures and a detailed risk assessment are provided for your records and reference.

We will also automatically carry out regular servicing and inspection to ensure that your electric gate and traffic barrier system remain safe.

Our Client Management System enables us to keep a detailed record of all site visits and actions, which is provided automatically following a site visit.

In the same way that a nursery or school would not have electrical cables or equipment installed by a person without qualifications, experience and third party inspection, this level of care must also apply to your gate and barrier systems. More than two thirds of all automatic gates and barriers do not comply with current safety standards.

There’s no reason why nurseries and schools cannot have automatic gates and barriers, providing they’re installed and maintained in accordance with the British and European standards. TI Security can ensure that you STAY SAFE and SECURE.

The Health & Safety Executive issued the following warnings and guidance in 2010 following the tragic fatalities. Click here to be taken to the HSE website to read the HSE Safety Warnings and Guidance

Further Incident

In July 2010 an 8 year old boy was injured when his head became trapped between the edge of a closing gate and the gate post at his primary school in Stourbridge. His father, who witnessed the incident, was able to hold the gate to prevent it closing further onto the boys head. The boy sustained minor head injuries. The gate system did not have any safety guards or edges.

Gate and barrier systems require risk assessing, safety guards, safety sensors and correct installation.

Gate and barrier systems must be serviced and inspected annually to ensure that they continue to operate correctly and most importantly safely.

TI Security-Sectors-Residential

Security Services for Residential Clients

Professional security company based in Leeds, offering a full range of services for homeowners

We listen closely to the needs of our clients and offer cost-effective, bespoke solutions tailored to your individual requirements, using only the best quality components.

Our installation, maintenance and technical support teams undergo continuous training to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.


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