Bespoke Integrated Security Systems

TI Security offers full integrated security systems that work specifically for your business, your staff and your on-site requirements and responsibilities. Any combination of our services can be tailored to a system that works for businesses, schools, warehouses, office blocks, shops or any other organisation. 

  • Burglar Alarms
  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Fire detection and protection
  • Grilles and shutters
  • Gates, barriers and perimeter security
  • Virtual security guards

Typical example of an Integrated System from TI Security:

  • Virtual Security Guard – A Virtual Security Guard removes the need for the security guard onsite.
  • Alarm Set / Unset – intruder alarms are turned on or off as required.
  • Automatic Gates – During the normal opening hours of the site the gates automatically open, and then close out of hours.
  • High Definition CCTV – Every vehicle/person entering and exiting the site is recorded on a High Definition CCTV system, including automatic number plate recording (97% accurate).
  • Intercom System – Entry to site is via the intercom system (visitors) and networked access control system (tenants and their staff).
  • Event Log – The access control system provides a full event log of the persons entering and exiting the site including name, date and time.
  • Monitoring Tenants / Staff – Should any tenants leave the site or be dismissed, each fob is individually deleted.
  • 24 Hour Monitoring – Unauthorised persons trying to enter site via the main entrance / exit are detected and challenged by the 24 hour monitoring station via the video footage and audio loudspeakers.
  • Keyholder Notification – Either the designated keyholder or emergency services are notified if alarm is activated.
  • System Management – TI Security would provide the management of the security system.

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