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With over 48 years’ experience and extensive knowledge in CCTV installation, monitoring and maintenance; TI Security offers a range of CCTV services to domestic, commercial and public-sector clients in Leeds and throughout the UK.

Our specialist CCTV technicians in Leeds provide our clients with cost effective surveillance system to help protect themselves and improve the security of their property. All of our CCTV are professional products designed to provide a clear image and years of reliable service.

If you are wanting to improve your home or business security, we can install a CCTV system that is tailored to your needs. Having a CCTV system has proven to decease crime levels and the likelihood of your property to be targeted is significantly reduced.

Whatever your CCTV needs, we ensure you that we can meet them. If you want to secure your premises against intruders, vandals and thieves or even for peace of mind, our CCTV systems will fit your requirements.

Cameras and components available:

  • HDIP – digital cameras that can be integrated into an existing site network, or installed on a new network if required
  • HDCVI – if you’re upgrading an analogue system and need to keep an eye on your budget; HDCVI connects to your existing coaxial cables, providing an improved quality of imaging and recording by building on what’s already there
  • Fixed cameras and PTZ dome cameras – a wide range of style options to ensure you get the right camera for your security needs
  • ANPR/VNPR – automatic number plate recognition with the capability to cross reference against an internal database of authorised and red flag licence plates. High quality images that allow for a number plate visual; even with headlights on full beam
  • Remote monitoring – can be monitored and managed from a central, manned security service. Movement detection in place to activate the system, our skilled operators will alert the nominated keyholder and request police assistance if required; we can also include audio speaker systems to warn trespassers that the police are on their way
  • Phone and Tablet Monitoring – view images from your laptop or mobile, anywhere in the world.
  • Video analytics – HDIP systems offer the facility to record and identify statistical information so you can streamline your security and business activities

Our CCTV Cameras

To make you home or business more secure, installing a professional high-quality CCTV system will make you, your family and colleagues feel safer and deter burglars from entering your property.

It is our job to help you determine the capabilities of both business and home CCTV systems; we find a solution that meets both your requirements and budget. We offer free expert tailored advice and a free consultation to identify the best camera system for your needs at highly competitive prices. Our engineers are experienced and qualified and give a full demonstration of the system after installation.

Our CCTV systems can provide immediate alerts. Crime can damage businesses and homes, causing huge costs and loss of goods. Having CCTV installed could potentially reduce the risk, deter criminal and capture clear and sharp images of those who intrude. The surveillance can be used as evidence in court.

We can provide a wide range of cameras for your surveillance needs, from outdoor surveillance to indoor monitoring. We provide our clients with CCTV systems that they can rely on and provide high quality surveillance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Along with our professional installation we offer repair and maintenance services. Whether we provide you with CCTV or you already have an existing system, we can service, upgrade and repair your CCTV system quickly and efficiently to increase coverage and integrate with your other systems and smartphone.

Benefits of CCTV Systems

While most people associate CCTV with security and crime prevention, there are many other reasons that businesses choose to install camera systems, such as:

  • Health and Safety – mitigate risk and monitor workplace injuries, reducing claims and legal costs
  • Insurance – preventing theft and anti-social crimes
  • Staff and Pupil Protection – adhere to legislation and log visitors deterring vandalism
  • Reliability – cameras never sleep, your property is monitored at all times
  • Reduce Costs – reduces employment cost of multiple security staff
  • Monitor other systems – keep an eye on dangerous machinery and production lines
  • Remote Access – grant access to personnel remotely viewing images from your laptop or mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Arrange your free site assessment

Whether you’re in Leeds, York, Manchester or anywhere else in the UK, our security consultants are happy to come and visit you on site to discuss your options for a new installation or upgrade.

To arrange a FREE consultation or to learn more about our CCTV systems, monitoring or maintenance services, please call us on 0113 281 2106.

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