Service and Maintenance

Our security experts at TI Security offer service and maintenance packages in Leeds, Yorkshire and throughout the UK. We provide 24/7 response call-out services; to ensure that your site is protected and security levels are maintained.

All of our engineers carry their own PDAs which are connected to our control centre, giving them instant access to:

  • Full details of your call out request and fault
  • Your customer account details
  • Your service and maintenance history
  • Any previous call out history
  • Details of any previous fault repairs

By having all the information on hand; our engineer will be able to start assessing possible problems; for a faster, efficient service.

When your next servicing visit is due, our system will automatically generate an alert to our maintenance team; who will call you to arrange a convenient time to visit your site and carry out the checks. It’s vital that all installations have a Service and Maintenance on a regular basis. Security system inspections ensure that all components are operating correctly.

We can provide engineers on the following basis:

  • Same day response for emergencies
  • Next working day response
  • All call outs responded to in a maximum of 24-36 hours

Prior to any maintenance or repair work; we’ll carry out a full risk assessment and produce a method statement in line with health and safety obligations.

Call us for a quote

To speak to one of our security specialists for advice or further information about our products, installations or servicing and maintenance; call our team on 0113 281 2106.

Gates – Service and Maintenance

With over 48 years of experience, we have the knowledge and facilities to service and repair any gate system provided by ourselves; or we can take over a system.

Our automated gate maintenance services

Our fully qualified engineers can diagnose, repair, replace, maintain and service all types of automated gate systems and components. With a wide range of accounts with key suppliers; our engineers can arrange for the supply and delivery of required parts for all major gate brands; for a fast and efficient service.

Keeping your automatic gate safe and secure

For your convenience, we carry high levels of stock for many essential gate safety components; such as: Rubber safety edges, Photo cells, Flashing warning lights and Rotating beacons. We can produce user manuals for your reference; which include information to ensure your compliance.

Automatic gate service and maintenance

If you have an issue with your automatic gate that needs attention; our engineers are able to provide on-site repairs, or arrange for removal and repair in our workshop facility. If your gate has suffered accidental or intentional impact damage, we will undertake cutting and welding onsite if possible; or we can remove the affected gate and take it away to be repaired. If removal is required, where possible; install temporary fencing to help keep your premises secure.

Why regular servicing and maintenance is essential

Your maintenance visits cover a comprehensive checklist, with all items carried out by one of our UK-wide network of engineers. From checking the geometry of your gate motors; to re-calibrating operational functions, and even force-testing the installation; our services will ensure the increased lifespan of your motor and the safe operation to ensure maximum security.

Barriers – Service and Maintenance

Our network of fully trained engineers, combined with our extensive experience gained over nearly 5 decades of operation; ensures that your traffic barriers are kept in full working order for continued and consistent site security.

The benefits of barrier maintenance

Automatic traffic barriers are often subject to high levels of use; along with exposure to the changeable and sometimes challenging weather; these factors can cause damage to your system. Covering all systems, our engineers will visit your site to check all components of your traffic barriers; identifying any issues and repairing or replacing them if necessary. This work maximises barrier and motor lifespan and ensures safety and legislative compliance.

Of course, some problems can’t be avoided by standard servicing; so we also offer a fast response emergency call out service for barriers that have been intentionally damaged or tampered with; such as breakages caused by vehicular impact.

Ensuring safety and compliance

We carry a wide range of components in stock; so any wear or damage can be fixed quickly while our engineers are on site. Our services cover all features and functions of your equipment; including rubber safety edges, photo cells, flashing warning lights, boom skirts and arms.

Learn more about our barrier repair and maintenance services

We’ll ensure that your car park barriers are maintained in complete compliance with all health and safety legislation; we can even arrange a full system assessment and upgrade recommendation if you feel it’s time to improve your current barrier.

Turnstile – Service and Maintenance

Our high standards of customer care have earned us a great reputation over the last 5 decades; with turnstile servicing and maintenance packages tailored to suit your specific requirements. From regular visits arranged at your convenience, to ad-hoc support; we’ll check all components to make sure that your turnstiles are operating safely and correctly.

Turnstile fault diagnosis and repairs

Our engineers are coordinated from our professional 24-hour control centre; our friendly staff will log your fault on to our system, your nearest engineer will be located; and your job will be queued to be serviced at the next available slot.

Why use TI Security for your turnstile servicing and maintenance?

For the ultimate in servicing and maintenance; you need experienced professionals who know your turnstile system and have the capabilities to prevent faults, or fix them should they occur.

Turnstile maintenance packages

Our broad knowledge of turnstile products allows us to adapt our maintenance packages to your requirements. We recommend regular servicing for all turnstiles; in order to protect your original investment and ensure longevity of your security products. Regular maintenance by a qualified professional will maximise your turnstile’s performance and lifespan and ensure staff and visitors’ safety when using the equipment.

Turnstile service and inspection

Your pedestrian turnstiles should be inspected every 6 months for wear and tear, correct operation and safety. Our engineers will run through a checklist of around 20 different features and functions to ensure every aspect of your equipment is performing exactly as it should.

We’ll inspect and service rollers, guides, alignment, sensors, electrics and stop positions; making any necessary adjustments and working in accordance with health and safety legislation at all times. Any worn parts or issues that can be repaired or replaced onsite during your servicing visit will to minimise disruption and operational downtime.

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