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We had previously done work for a Specialist Printing company based in Normanton, Wakefield. We installed some Video Motion Detection CCTV for businesses that they remotely viewed via their smartphones and computers as well as a professional NSI approved monitoring station. To get the most from their system they wanted a CCTV Service Wakefield to ensure their surveillance was up to the best standards it could be and to comply.

The Specialist Printers are expert A5 and A4 magazine Printers, they are passionate about having competitive prices. With state of the art equipment and technology that includes pre-press digital workflow and heat set print, they are printing 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Producing magazines, catalogues and brochures to the highest standards on time. The Specialist Printing company allows you to track your print from the forest to yourself.

The benefit of CCTV Service Wakefield

An annual CCTV repairs and Maintenance visit is important to prevent malfunction and deter theft. Preventative maintenance involves regular testing of the functionality of the CCTV surveillance equipment to reduce the chance of failure. Maintaining systems regularly will ensure CCTV systems are working to their optimum performance and that images recorded are stored and are of quality evidence for the use in court if required. It is an essential part as it helps to deter break-ins, theft and overall security by being monitored and keeping them looking new. A CCTV Service Wakefield visit keeps CCTV cameras clean and free of dust as well as technical maintenance, checking that the control functions, audio, and that camera movement is correct and not obstructed.

CCTV Service Wakefield

When we install any system, we recommend an annual service to ensure it stays to our original installation standards and prolong the piece of equipment. We went along to service the specialist printers CCTV, they wanted their external cameras cleaning, signage fitting to comply with GDPR and their cameras re-positioning, due to the movement and introduction of more machinery. When servicing the CCTV we noticed the monitor that displays the cameras, wasn’t in an ideal place to be of benefit, we recommended the CCTV monitor to be moved to the reception desk so they can see anyone arriving. Upon recommending they approved and this was done at the same time as the service.


Normanton is a town in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. It is South-West of Castleford. Normanton was originally surrounded by a moat, with the most important station in the North of England as it was used to send coal and bricks nationally. Normanton has expanded its Industrial Estate near the M62 and so has attracted national businesses to locate in Normanton. It is close to the M1 linking from Leeds to London and the A1(M) to the North of England via Ferrybridge.

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Wanting a CCTV Service Wakefield? Ensure your CCTV is working to its best capabilities. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 907 974 and we can discuss your options.

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