You’ve finally found a CCTV Installation company that can provide the very best CCTV Camera. Whatever your objectives, we will assess, design, install and maintain the very latest commercial CCTV Cameras and solutions to protect you, your team and your organisation. Whatever level of protection or prevention you need, we’ll ensure that our CCTV Installation and CCTV Camera systems exceed your expectations.

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Why Choose TI Security as your CCTV Installation Company?

With 50 years in business and the experience and knowledge that comes with it, you can hand over your CCTV responsibilities to our CCTV Installation engineers with 100% confidence that your CCTV installation or upgrade will give you complete control over your site, your operation, your staff and your visitors.

  • Reduce liabilities and mitigate risk
  • Monitor and protect employees, plant, product and premises
  • Ensure and improve security
  • Manage and enhance health & safety
  • Save operational time and therefore money
  • Compliance for you and your clients

Whether you operate from single or multiple sites, you’ll have control of your commercial CCTV camera system right in the palm of your hands, no matter how far from your business you are.

CCTV Camera - Features and Benefits

We can bring you even bigger benefits by having the latest developments and CCTV Installation. Better detection capabilities, improved security levels and an up-to-date system that will stand the test of time, meaning a better return on your investment in the long run.

The cost of CCTV camera systems has decreased significantly over the years, so you can get IP/digital CCTV systems with exceptional picture/recording quality at a genuinely affordable price, with all advice tailored to your specific business needs. Here are some of the latest commercial CCTV camera technologies that will boost your accident and incident protection and prevention to the highest standards:

  • HD & Ultra HD 4K CCTV Cameras

    All of our CCTV Installation systems for businesses are quality HD CCTV cameras, but we highly recommend 4K Ultra HD, as the additional cost is negligible, but will increase the effectiveness of your system in the event you need to rely on it for an investigation into theft or any incidents.

    Integrating with your existing IT network infrastructure or installing a standalone IP network for HD cameras with onsite and cloud recording. Providing wall-mounted HD monitors and software allowing viewing from via your server, desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

  • Upgrade Outdated or existing CCTV System

    You may already have a CCTV camera system in place, we can enhance, modify or replace for improved functionality, all entirely driven by your individual security goals.

    We can improve your old analogue commercial CCTV system by upgrading you to ultra HD 4K Cameras, using your existing wiring so you get a high-quality system at a significantly lower cost than a full replacement, with a much faster installation time too.

  • Improved health and safety, reduce damage and theft prevention

    CCTV Installation helps to ensure that employees are sticking to health and safety procedures and provide evidence in the event of a claim for injury. A CCTV camera system also deters malicious damage scenarios and maintains productivity levels even when you’re not there. CCTV sends a clear message that behaviour is being monitored, and perpetrators will be dealt with.

  • Monitored Business CCTV

    As a leading CCTV Installation company, we can connect your business CCTV systems to our 24-hour monitoring station to provide out of hours external protection to your site. Using loudspeakers to issue audio challenges and perimeter detection, we can notify your key holders and the police (where required) should unauthorised entry be made to your site.

  • Types of CCTV

    CCTV cameras can be programmed to DETECT and NOTIFY you of a range of behaviours and activities including:

    • The direction of travel – Vehicles travelling the wrong way around one-way systems or entering through exit gates and vice versa. Persons walking into restricted access areas or through exit or entry only locations.
    • Tailgating – Vehicles and pedestrians tailgating authorised users.
    • Tripwires – Vehicles and pedestrians entering restricted areas including high-risk areas such as Hazardous Chemical locations and maintenance areas of the machinery.
    • Unauthorised persons – Loitering and proximity to secure areas including fencing, using motion detection.
    • Auto Track PTZ Domes – CCTV PTZ 360-degree cameras that track suspicious activity, recording every movement thus providing excellent recorded evidence if needed.
    • Licence plates – Automatic licence plate recognition technology, so you can have 100% control over who enters and exits your site, and complete monitoring capabilities for staff and delivery traffic.
    • Fire detection CCTV – Detecting smoke and flames via their thermal imaging capabilities, these cameras work from a long distance and cover a large area. They can be wired into your existing fire alarm system panel and sound an alert much faster than traditional detection techniques.
    • Facial Recognition – Automatically unlock doors for improved business access control.
  • Smartphone CCTV Cameras App

    Never be out of visual contact with your business again – whether you’re in the car, on holiday or having a day out of the office, our CCTV App gives you full access to all your Cameras from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

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Need help with your CCTV?

See our tutorials for help with your CCTV system.

Video 1 – How to connect your DMSS app to a new device.

Video 2 – How to export CCTV camera footage from your NVR.


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CCTV Cameras for Businesses

CCTV systems offer you complete control over your premises and operation, even when you’re not there. Not only do our CCTV systems and upgrades come at a great price with no compromise on functionality and Monitoring quality, but we can also provide real peace of mind through the following benefits:

  • NSI Gold Accredited Skilled CCTV Engineers

    Our NSI Gold accredited status gives you 100% confidence in our CCTV Installation engineers, products and services. Our installers are qualified, fully trained, fast, clean, tidy, courteous, friendly – simply put, they always do the job properly – our reviews are full of praise for them!

  • Speed

    We provide free surveys, fast and transparent quotations and ensure your CCTV installation or upgrade project suits your timescale.

  • Improves Health & Safety

    Commercial CCTV systems send a clear message that you are monitoring compliance to all H&S training, such as obligatory use of PPE and processes, and safe handling of machinery and hazardous substances.

  • Enhanced monitoring of staff and site visitors

    Control your entire business environment, verify goods in and out, identify employee and customer behaviours for tailoring your approach and track staff movements. Clear signage deters potential intruders, reduces staff theft temptation, and significantly minimises incidents of physical altercations. Your stock, staff and site stay safe, 24/7.

    Observing and recording people’s interactions mitigates negative behaviours in the workplace; vehicle users drive more carefully, the product is handled with more care, plant and machinery are operated to a higher standard. CCTV cameras act like speed cameras and have the same effect on your employees, site visitors and third-party suppliers.

  • Saves Time and Money

    Manually checking every process, person, access point or department takes considerable time: CCTV will reduce every aspect of your monitoring management, saving you time and money. In the event of an accident or incident, you have your evidence readily to hand, significantly minimising investigation time.

  • Compliance

    Meet your supplier and regulatory requirements for food safety, product reliability, processes, and verification.  Comply with British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards, GDPR and Quality Assurance with intuitive audit trails.

All your questions answered - Just book a free meeting

You’re sure to have lots of questions about how CCTV Cameras can help your business, and to make sure you choose the right CCTV Installation – so we’re happy to be put in the firing line during a face-to-face meeting, where you can ask us all your questions so we can address and overcome any concerns. This meeting gives you the opportunity to access tailored information on the benefits that commercial CCTV systems can offer and find out how we can seamlessly work with your business:

  • Finance

    We offer flexible leasing on all CCTV systems for businesses, helping you manage your cash flow, increase tax efficiency, fix your costs, and ensure you have the best and latest equipment.

  • Operations & Production

    Agree with what access requirements we may have and coordinate them with your production and operations team to ensure there is minimal or no impact on your business. We will also liaise and work with your site maintenance department and any other internal and external contractors and partners.

  • IT

    You need to know that any data traffic and software integrated and introduced to your network is safe and secure. We will not expose your business to cyber risk, and our team here at TI Security will work in conjunction with your IT specialists.

    Your commercial CCTV systems will be powered by sophisticated software, so we’ll deal directly with your IT department, speaking their language and making sure that everything is set up and running smoothly. We can integrate a wide range of our CCTV and security products into one streamlined system, utilising your current IT model and including Cloud access for monitoring and management while on the move.

    We also appreciate that when it comes to implementing CCTV for businesses, you want to reap as many benefits as possible for a better return on investment – so our systems come with sophisticated auditing capabilities, helping you with logistical, operational, administration and staff management.

  • Health & Safety

    We can provide a Program of Works, agree Permits to Work and create tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements according to your specific site requirements.

Got a question about CCTV Cameras?

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