You’ve finally found a reputable security company that specialises in access control for education and schools – we’re here to help you meet Ofsted security guidelines and provide access restrictions for the safeguarding of pupils in your care.

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Why choose TI Security for your Education Access Control?

The team at TI Security have been operating for over 50 years, giving you 100% confidence that we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get the right Access Control and Door Entry Systems for your school. While Access Control for schools is a priority for protection and prevention purposes, we know that budget is a big issue for the education sector – so we’ll conduct a site visit and survey completely free of charge. We’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective options for your school/education centre, while also ensuring we meet your security requirements. You may already have Access Control or Door Entry systems at your school. However, if you need any improvements or an upgrade to enhance your security, we can modify or replace your existing systems to meet your needs. Whatever type of Access Control your school needs, we’ll provide you with a solution that exceeds your expectations.

Access Control for Education - Features and Benefits

Whether you need an Access Control solution, or a simple but secure door entry system for your school, we can help…

  • Keypads, Intercoms and Proximity Readers

    Free access for authorised staff members, or a more managed and monitored solution so you can carry out additional checks before allowing entry.

  • Auto create visitor cards and fobs

    To ensure every person entering your building can be identified, you can issue access permission facilities to supply to staff and other visitors as required – all time controlled for working hours or contract periods.

  • Automatic number plate recognition

    Enhance your school Access Control system with ANPR to allow smooth access flow through your Automatic Gates or Traffic Barriers.

  • Door Alarms

    Integrate alarms into your doors, so any attempt to force access will log the incident and set off the alarm.

  • Electronic locking and opening systems

    Whether your doors are made from aluminium, timber, steel or glass, we can install a range of locking systems to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the door is always locked when closed. We can also install electronic door openers (especially useful for disabled access) and closers, for ease of movement and to ensure the door closes and locks after every entry/exit.

  • Emergency internal security solutions

    With the ease of exit a paramount priority to safeguard pupils in the event of an incident, we fit break glass points to all doors that will override the Access Control system when required.

  • Easy unlocking systems

    We offer a range of options to exit (which can also work for entry) e.g. push-to-exit wall-mounted buttons, movement detectors and long-range proximity readers.

  • Monitoring and recording

    A Networked Access Control system for education can record and monitor all activity around the school site, helping with HR matters and incident investigations.

  • Time profile capabilities

    We can provide the facility to set time profiles on your Gates and Barriers to keep things locked/unlocked at specific times.

  • Control access permissions on a person-by-person basis

    Access Control and Door Entry systems for schools can be managed on a ‘per person’ basis, so you can assign specific authority levels and access permissions for an individual.


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Access control for schools

  • Mitigate risk of security breaches

    Access Control systems give you the ability to lock down areas, restrict, allow or deny access. Allowing you to manage and monitor staff, students and visitors – thus keeping unauthorised people out, and reducing the possibility of theft or other incidents.

  • Ofsted Compliance

    You have a requirement to safeguard your pupils and providing adequate security measures, helping you to keep Ofsted on-side.

  • Easier access

    School Access Control systems help you to meet your responsibilities in regards to the equality legislation, allowing students (and staff) with special needs or mobility issues to move through the school site easily and efficiently.

  • Improved Health and Safety

    Door Entry and Access Control systems can prevent accidents and health and safety breaches, stopping students from entering areas that are unsafe due to hazardous equipment or materials.

All your questions answered - just book a free meeting

We know you’ll have lots of questions about how our experts in Access Control for Education can help you, so we’re happy to be put in the firing line during a face-to-face meeting, where you can ensure that we’re the right supplier for you. This meeting allows you to access tailored information on the benefits our access control solutions and door entry systems for schools can offer, and how we’ll meet all your regulatory and Ofsted requirements:


    We offer flexible leasing on all Door Entry and Access Control systems, helping you manage your cash flow and fix your costs while still giving you access to the best and latest equipment.


    We’ll liaise with your site manager and other internal staff to ensure your Access Control installation causes minimal or no impact on your school activities. We’ll organise to work outside of school hours or term-time if required and will also liaise with any other internal and external contractors and partners.

  • IT

    Any data traffic and software integrated and introduced to your network must be 100% safe and secure. We won’t expose your school to cyber risk, and our team here at TI Security will work in conjunction with your IT staff.


    We can provide a Program of Works, agree Permits to Work and create tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements according to your specific school requirements.

Got a question about Education Access Control?

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