You’ve finally found the security company that can provide the very best Electric Gates for schools, colleges and educational organisations. We know what it takes to provide Automatic school Security Gates that meet Ofsted guidelines and keep unauthorised visitors off-site for the safeguarding of students.

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Whatever level of protection and prevention you need, we’ll provide you with electric school Entrance Gates that exceed your expectations.

With 5 decades+ in the security industry and vast experience in the education sector, you can be completely confident that your Security Gates will offer complete control over traffic entry onto your site.

  • Mitigate the risk of unauthorised visitors and security breaches
  • Comply with Ofsted requirements
  • Improved health and safety
  • Control traffic flow onto your site

We know that keeping an eye on your budget is almost as important as keeping an eye on your students – so all of our site visits and Gate surveys are provided without charge. We’ll listen to your security concerns, and work with you to find cost-effective solutions to overcome them.

Electric Gates for schools - Features and Benefits

From brand new school Security Gates to upgrades and maintenance take-overs, we have the technology and the technical know-how to give you the very best experience…

  • Sliding or Swing Electric Gates

    We’ll assess your site in order to identify whether your site layout would better suit a Swing or Sliding Electric Gate.

  • Extensive span options

    Our school Entrance Gates can span openings of up to 20 metres (2 x 10m Gates), so we can cater for any requirement, with gates manufactured to your bespoke measurements.

  • Retro-fit automation

    We can automate existing Entrance Gates with either a flush-mounted underground motor or a surface mounted motor fitted onto the outside surface of the Gate.

  • Safety edges

    Health and safety are essential, especially in school or college grounds, so we’ll ensure your Gates have safety edges to remove any potential trapping hazards. We can also install emergency stop buttons, strobe lights and ‘magic eye’ photocells to detect any obstructions.

  • Anti-flooding & equal power distribution

    We fit our motors in the top/middle of the Gate to prevent motor failure risk from flooding, and to ensure increased performance and longevity.

  • Hinge replacements

    During your free survey, we’ll assess the hinges on any Existing Gate to ensure their strength is suitable for any automation upgrade.

  • Manual override

    Our manual override systems are CE approved and offer additional safety assurance.

  • Safety ground loops

    These detect when vehicles are present to reduce the likelihood of the Gate opening onto a vehicle, and also to provide an auto-exit option.

  • Closing options

    Your Automatic Gates can be closed on timers, or automatically after vehicles have travelled over the induction loops.

  • Access Control integration

    We can integrate your Electric Gates with a range of Access Control solutions, such as ANPR, proximity fobs, IP intercoms or keypads for added security and monitoring benefits.

  • Infill options

    We offer a range of infills, including v-mex, palisade, solid or 358 mesh.

  • Anti-climb spikes

    Add an extra visual and physical deterrent by including anti-climb spikes along the top of your Entrance Gate.


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Electric Gates for Education

  • Mitigate risk of security breaches

    Installing Electric Gates for colleges or schools is your first line of defence when it comes to keeping unauthorised or unwanted visitors out, ensuring that nobody can enter without identification and authorisation. They also send a clear message to would-be thieves outside of school hours and term times.

  • Ofsted Compliance

    Installing security measures is a requirement in Ofsted’s guidelines, and Electric Gates can help you to increase the safeguarding of your students.

  • Improved health and safety

    Minimising the amount of traffic within your school site helps to keep everyone safe. Additionally, if your existing Security Gates are out-of-date, you may need an upgrade to ensure they meet current health and safety regulations too.

  • Control traffic

    Electric Gates at your school or college enables you to limit entry and take total control over traffic movements, stopping people using your site as a turning point, car park or collection point.

All your questions answered - just book a free meeting

We know you’ll have lots of questions about how our knowledge on Electric Gates for schools and colleges can help you, so we’re happy to be put in the firing line during a face-to-face meeting, where you can check our credentials and ensure that we’re the right supplier for you. This meeting allows you to access tailored information on the benefits our school Security Gates can offer and how we’ll meet all your regulatory and Ofsted requirements:


    We offer flexible leasing on all of our school Entrance Gates, helping you manage your cash flow and fix your costs while still giving you access to the best and latest equipment.


    We’ll liaise with your site manager and other internal staff to ensure your Gate installation causes minimal or no impact on your school activities. We’ll organise to work outside of school hours or term-time if required and will also liaise with any other internal and external contractors and partners.

  • IT

    Any data traffic and software integrated and introduced to your network must be 100% safe and secure. We won’t expose your school to cyber risk, and our team here at TI Security will work in conjunction with your IT staff.


    We can provide a Program of Works, agree Permits to Work and create tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements according to your specific school requirements.

Got a question about Education Electric Gates?

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