You have finally found the security company that can provide the very best Electric Sliding Gates that will bring you complete site protection and peace of mind when it comes to crime prevention. With a focus on your specific security and traffic flow objectives, we don’t only take care of your electric gate installation but we design bespoke Electric Sliding Gates that restrict unwanted access to the valuable goods and equipment in and around your premises.

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With 50 years of experience in electric gate installation and design, we know how to effectively manage the security of even the largest and most complex sites. We make sure that space, traffic levels, compliance, auditing, health, and safety and even aesthetics are considered. We help you to remove the serious risk of theft and trespassing while giving you total control over your site, your operation, your staff, and your visitors.

  • Reduce risk
  • Ensure and improve security
  • Save time and, consequently, money
  • Manage and improve health & safety
  • Compliance for you and your clients

Our free site visit and assessments will guarantee that our consultants understand what security success looks like for your operation. We will provide you with the highest quality sliding driveway gates and customer service or advise on alternatives, such as automatic swing gates and cantilever sliding gates if site space/layout is not sufficient.

Electric Sliding Gate – Features and Benefits

By working with the latest developments in Electric Sliding Gate technology and design, we can give you a range of optional extras to further increase security, improve site and staff safety and also make sure that the entire electric gate installation process runs efficiently:


    Our sliding gate options can cater for a wide range of site entrances, between 2m and 20m.


    We have a wide range of infills for you to select from for your new metal sliding gate. These include vertical bars, palisade infills for an industrial look, solid infills for complete privacy or 358 mesh to prevent would-be trespassers climbing over or reaching through.

    We offer powder coating too, so if you want your gate to match your brand colours, simply supply us with the RAL code and we will colour match for you. You can also provide us with any design, logo, or site rules you have, which you would like on your gate leaf, and we will create an infill with these displayed, giving your automatic gates a professional look.


    Add an extra visual and physical deterrent to your premises by including anti-climb spikes along the top of your Sliding Gate.


    Standard safety features include dual-sided and end safety edges to instantly stop the gate operating if somebody becomes trapped, emergency stop buttons, manual override facilities, strobe lights and ‘magic eye’ photocells which will detect any potentially dangerous obstruction scenarios.


    Entrance gates can be very busy throughout the day. You do not want to be disturbed by the constant operation of your electric gates, so our motors are not just reliable, they are incredibly quiet too.


    We can integrate ANPR, Intercom systems, Access Control keypads, traffic island Intercoms, automatic ground loops, remote opening facilities – such as proximity readers or radio receiver/zappers openers. These bring greater control of site access, and fast exit ground loops can be programmed to be turned off on weekends. This will, of course, prevent the risk of someone gaining access and being able to drive one of your vehicles off-site.

    Intercoms can be fitted with the capacity to make an automatic call to the office as soon as a vehicle triggers the ground loop. We have also developed a hands-free intercom powered by a long-range microphone and loudspeaker, to negate the requirement for drivers to leave their vehicles.

  • Full installation works

    Our team will also provide all the groundwork, including adjusting the entrance and road-way, altering kerbing, laying foundations, and creating housing for the sliding gate as it opens to keep things neat and tidy. With our plant machinery, we can help keep costs down while ensuring a streamlined process.


    One of our design features on our high-quality electric sliding gates is the cabinet that runs along the bottom. This houses the rack and pinion that drives the gate in both directions, providing not just a better look, but it also ensures that the mechanical parts are protected from the infamous British weather and intentional or accidental damage.


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You want your sliding gate to provide as many benefits as possible in order to see a return on investment – and ours deliver like no other products on the market. With a very rare 100% rating, our self-designed gates can handle any level of traffic activity, without downtime or failure. They offer the maximum cycles per hour and will keep performing reliably for their entire lifespan, unlike competitors’ products – with absolutely no limit on open/close cycles.


    Many businesses integrate their electric sliding gates with a commercial access control system, enabling the easy monitoring of in-house drivers and supplier movements, and creating a date/time log which you can track. The installation of CCTV Cameras on your Sliding Gates also allows HR to know who’s on-site at all times. It will also provide evidence in the event that anyone attempts to gain illegal access or damage the gate, and reduces the potential for any non-authorised people to gain entry to your yard, warehouse or offices.


    Security is essential to any business, and an electric sliding gate is the first line of defence to protect anything valuable on your premises. With so many options for additional security features and integrated systems, we can provide you with the exact automated gate system and electric gate installation that you need to keep your site fully protected.


    If you handle dangerous items in your business, electric sliding gates can prevent access without the need for a staffed gatehouse. Many business owners add ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) which allows authorised personnel immediate access. It also prevents anyone else entering the site without the approval and it keeps areas clear when large vehicles are manoeuvring around the site.


    Staff entry and exit times can be monitored and logged at your sliding gate, helping with payroll management and attendance/delivery time evidence.


    Manually checking every visitor into your site requires additional staff, can create a build-up of traffic and block road access for other neighbouring businesses. Our electric gate installation means less staff and the ability to keep deliveries on track without delays.


    A commercial sliding gate allows you to demonstrate that your business premises are protected and monitored 24/7, ensuring product, stock and machinery cannot be interfered with. This will help you to comply with British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards, GDPR and Quality Assurance.

All your questions answered - Just book a free meeting

You are sure to have lots of questions about how a commercial Sliding Gate can help your business, and to make sure you choose the right supplier for your sliding gate installation – so we are happy to be put in the firing line during a face-to-face meeting, where you can ask us all your questions so we can address and overcome any concerns. This meeting allows you to access tailored information on the benefits that an Electric Sliding Gate can offer and find out how we can seamlessly work with your organisation:

  • Finance

    We offer flexible leasing on all our Electric Sliding Gates, helping you manage cash flow, increase tax efficiency, fix costs, and ensure you have the best and latest equipment.

  • Operations & Production

    Agree with what access requirements we may have and coordinate them with your production and operations team to ensure there is minimal or no impact on your business during your Electric Gate installation. We will also liaise and work with your site maintenance department and any other internal and external contractors and partners.

  • IT

    You need to know that any data traffic and software integrated and introduced to your network is safe and secure. We will not expose your business to cyber risk, and our team here at TI Security will work in conjunction with your IT specialists.

    Your Sliding Gate installation or upgrade can be backed-up with various Access Control capabilities, which in turn are powered by smart, sophisticated software. Our security experts will work directly with your IT team to ensure the smooth integration of every element of your networked solution.

    We will deliver you one streamlined security framework, utilising your current IT model and including Cloud access for monitoring and management while on the move.

  • Health & Safety

    We can provide a Program of Works, agree Permits to Work and create tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements according to your specific site requirements.

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