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Why choose TI Security for your Emergency Lighting Repairs, testing and Maintenance?

While many of our Maintenance and Repair customers had their original installations carried out by our team, we also find that many others find their way to us after being let down or disappointed by another provider – and once we start working with them, they don’t go anywhere else! This reassures us that we’re doing a good job, but if you’re looking for assurances from outside of our company, our reviews are full of praise for our engineers – both in regards to their customer service and professionalism and their excellent technical skills. As experts in Emergency Lighting Repairs, Maintenance and Testing and with over 5 decades in the business, we’re here to ensure that you get an exceptional standard of Service, skilled technicians and great value for money. Our qualified and experienced team will ensure that:

  • Existing faults are repaired and resolved
  • Your Emergency Lighting system is fully operational
  • Potential future problems are prevented
  • You’ll get the maximum ROI from your Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting Maintenance, Repairs and system testing – Why it matters

You probably had your Emergency Lighting installed after the necessity was identified during a Fire Risk Assessment – where you have larger premises, corridors and stairwells that need to be kept illuminated in the event of an evacuation. For this reason, it’s essential to ensure that your Emergency Lighting system is Fully Maintained and operational. Additionally, as a business, you’ll also have legal obligations to maintain effective Fire Alarm and Lighting systems to protect your staff and visitors. Let’s take a look at these a little more closely, along with a few other reasons that Emergency Lighting must be regularly Tested and Maintained…

  • Regulatory Fire Safety reform order 2005

    For commercial premises, business owners are required by law to ensure Fire Safety at their premises, including Emergency Lighting systems where appropriate – and if you’re an education centre, the same obligations apply. If you don’t comply and something goes wrong, you could face a fine (or worse).

  • Staff and visitor safety

    However much we don’t like to consider the possibility; Fire outbreaks can happen – and you need to be certain that your Emergency Lighting system will function when it’s needed the most.

  • Increase lifespan

    Regular Emergency Lighting system Testing and Maintenance will ensure it lasts longer, giving you maximum value from your initial investment.

  • Peace of mind

    Running a business is stressful enough, without having concerns about safety to deal with – so passing this over to a team of trained experts allows you to focus on other aspects of your job.


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Emergency lighting system testing and maintenance – how we can help

We carry out periodic inspections and tests on Emergency Lighting systems for many clients across the UK, often alongside Fire Panel and Alarm Maintenance – but a lot of them previously used a different supplier before they looked for a better alternative. Our reputation as a reliable and responsive provider has been earned through our commitment to providing a great standard of customer care, fast repairs, hassle-free maintenance and engineers with exceptional knowledge of emergency lighting systems – whoever installed them. We truly believe that our Servicing packages can’t be beaten, and here are some more reasons why…

  • Flexible Emergency Lighting Maintenance

    Our engineers will arrange to visit when it’s most convenient for you, and we’ll also keep track of your testing schedule to make sure you never miss one.

  • Rapid lighting repairs

    Whether it’s dead batteries, a short circuit, broken casing or anything else, if you have a problem with any part of your Emergency Lighting system, Repairs by our team are always carried out as soon as we have a local engineer available.

  • Comprehensive packages for your entire security system

    If you have Emergency Lighting to Maintain or Repair, you may also be interested in utilising our Servicing skills for you CCTV, Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms, Security Gates, Access Control, Sliding Doors or any other security products. We can take-over all of your Maintenance and Servicing requirements, for one reliable service, from one reliable supplier.

Book your FREE meeting now!

  • We appreciate that you need to feel confident and comfortable with your suppliers, and building genuine long-term relationships is always at the top of our priority list. If you feel your current provider is falling short and has let you down, we’d be delighted to come and meet you to discuss our Emergency Lighting Maintenance and Testing Services – and attend to any Emergency Lighting Repairs that you may need.

    This free meeting allows you to put us through the paces with your questions, get a full understanding of our Emergency Lighting Testing, Repair and Maintenance packages and to ensure that TI Security is the right provider for you.

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