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Why choose TI Security for your CCTV Maintenance and Repairs?

Many of our customers turn to TI Security due to a poor Repair, Maintenance or Monitoring Service in the past – and once they come, they tend to stick around.

This is due to our guarantee that we’ll commit to giving you the maximum value possible from your CCTV installation, whether you’re a business, education or residential customer, and whether you bought the system from us or not.

As an NSI Gold accredited company and with more than 50 years of experience in security systems and solutions, our team of qualified engineers are ready to take-over your system for your complete assurance that:

  • Existing faults are repaired and resolved
  • Your entire CCTV system is fully operational
  • Potential future problems are prevented
  • You’ll get the maximum ROI from your CCTV

Our CCTV and security camera maintenance and repair services

We’re proud to say that our key ‘calling card’ is the great impression that our qualified engineers leave with all our Repair and Maintenance customers. They’ve earned a reputation – backed up by loads of great reviews – for their friendliness, knowledge and professionalism over the years.

While our exceptional customer service is one reason for our high retention rates, we wouldn’t be able to keep you satisfied without the technical skills too! Here are some of the ways we can help to keep your CCTV and Security Cameras Maintained and in excellent working order…

  • NSI Gold Engineers

    The seal of quality when it comes to CCTV Maintenance and Repair Services you can trust.

  • Remote diagnostics and servicing

    Our secure, sophisticated software allows us to manage many fault identifications and fixes remotely, so we don’t need to disturb you. Unless we need to run a speaker test! We regularly run these types of diagnostic tests as part of our Maintenance agreements, plus run essential software updates when required.

  • Physical maintenance

    Our Maintenance Packages include CCTV servicing at regular, set intervals, which may be for compliance purposes, peace-of-mind, manufacturer recommendations, or a combination of these. We’ll arrange to visit your home or site at your convenience, reminding you when the service is due so you don’t even need to think about it.

  • Security camera maintenance and repair

    While the system needs to be working, your security cameras need to be fully operational to be effective.

  • Fast CCTV repairs

    If you have a sudden emergency and don’t want to wait too long for a CCTV Repair, we offer a rapid response service to get things back to normal as soon as we possibly can – most Repairs can be undertaken on the spot.

  • CCTV monitoring take-overs

    If you’ve found your CCTV Monitoring company lacking, then we promise that if you switch over to us, you won’t regret it. Our Monitoring services offer 24/7 protection and come with keyholder response and emergency services alerts too.

  • Comprehensive maintenance packages for your entire security system

    If you have CCTV installed, you’re likely to have other security measures in place too, such as Intruder and Fire Alarms, Access Control and other products. We can take-over the Maintenance and Monitoring for every aspect of your system for one reliable service, from one reliable supplier.


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From preventative maintenance to security camera repairs

Whether your CCTV system was designed to protect your family, your staff, your stock or your students, it can’t do its job if it’s not working exactly as it should.

While a CCTV Repair may seem like an obvious thing to carry out if you notice an issue, CCTV Maintenance is often the only time you’re made aware that there’s an issue to fix in the first place – and there are many other reasons that a CCTV Maintenance package is important to both business and home users:

  • Stay compliant with insurance and other regs

    Businesses have health and safety policies to maintain, education providers must meet Ofsted requirements and all CCTV users must maintain their systems appropriately if its protection is included in your insurance policy.

  • Make sure it’s earning its keep

    Whether you bought outright or spread the cost, you want to get the maximum value from your CCTV. Maintenance is its passport to performance, making sure your home, site or premises are always fully protected. That’s what you bought it for!

  • Reduce risk of theft or intrusion

    Periodic Servicing and Repairing any faults quickly is the only way to ensure everything is covered by your Security Cameras and Monitoring Service if you use one. Nobody can alert the police to a break-in if nobody can see them committing the offence.

Book your FREE meeting now!

  • We believe in building relationships for life, so we’re happy to come and visit your home, school site or business premises to take a look at your entire system and give you a tailored price for your CCTV Maintenance and/or Monitoring – and to arrange any CCTV Repairs that may need taking care of.

    This free meeting allows you to check our knowledge, get a full understanding of our CCTV Repair, Maintenance and Monitoring packages and to ensure we’re the right provider for you.

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