You have finally found the security company that can provide the very best Business Alarm System, whether you require a new Commercial Burglar Alarm system, an upgrade or extension to an existing system, we will devise the best approach to protect you, your team, and your organisation.

50 Years - Over 7,000 Businesses Helped

Why choose TI Security for your Business Alarm System?

We offer a range of high-quality Wired or Wireless systems, with all electrical work undertaken by our qualified engineers, with competitive prices guaranteed. Our NSI Accredited engineers will enhance your security, improve monitoring and response times.

With 50 years in business, our experience gives you the confidence to hand over your Intruder Alarm responsibilities to us, with the assurance that your Business Burglar Alarm installation or upgrade will give you complete control over your site, your operation, your staff, and your visitors. Whether you operate from single or multiple sites, you will have control of your Business Alarm System right in the palm of your hands, no matter where you are.

  • Reduce false alarms
  • Minimise call-outs
  • Protect plant, product, and premises
  • Ensure and improve security
  • Reduce operational and production downtime
  • Comply with insurance requirements

Business Burglar Alarm – Features and Benefits

If you are fed up with false alarms and additional costs for call-outs from your current provider, we can put an end to that. Out-of-date alarms can trigger many false alerts, leaving you paying for a service you do not even need and they may leave you uncovered by your insurance policy should you need to make a claim. Even if your business is relatively low risk, or you are located in a high crime area, you’ll need to consider this too. 

We will only ever recommend a commercial Intruder Alarm system or upgrade that meets your genuine requirements, but here are some of the products, services and benefits you can access if you choose TI Security as your specialist:

  • Visual Deterrent

    We’re widely recognised across Yorkshire, and a well-maintained bell box with our name on outside your premise will act as an additional burglary deterrent.

  • Redcare and CSL Dualcom Burglar Alarm

    As authorised installers of Redcare and CSL Dualcom Alarm signalling systems, you are guaranteed an efficient service and the highest quality products approved by your insurance company.

  • Police response

    An urgent, rapid response is essential, and our Business Burglar Alarm sends signals directly to our monitoring station, where our operatives will immediately notify the Police if necessary.

  • Burglar Alarm take-over - Reduce false alarms and minimise call outs

    Whatever your current Business Alarm System, we can take over your monitoring and maintenance at highly competitive prices and upgrade any elements that require improvement.

    Our BT Redcare and Dualcom Monitoring Services are exceptional, working alongside your Burglar Alarm installation, upgrade or system takeover to minimise the wasted time and inconvenience of false alarms.

    A well-designed maintained Business Alarm System can significantly decrease the number of false alarms that your designated key holder has to respond to – which means happier staff, a reduction in expense claims and fewer disruptions out of working hours.

  • Smartphone Burglar Alarm App

    We can connect your Business Burglar Alarm System to our easy-to-use smartphone app, giving you immediate access to event logs, and the ability to set or unset your Business Alarm remotely from your phone.

  • Monitoring Facilities

    Our 24/7 monitoring services allow you to relax out of hours, knowing that our experts are keeping an eye on your site when it is empty.

    You can set time parameters to alert if your Business Burglar Alarm hasn’t been set by a specific time, you will get a call from our monitoring agents to let you know, and the Alarm can be set remotely if the last person to leave forgot. It is great for lone workers and additional security, plus an excellent way to ensure your insurance is valid.

    If you have CCTV on your premises, should the above situation occur, we can set up access to your cameras from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC, so you can check if any staff are still present. This offers additional security for lone workers and allows you to remind them to set the alarm on exit.

  • Additional alert options

    We can set up Fire Door alerts to prevent them from being propped open and being used to move goods illicitly, we can also fix a chime on your Roller Shutters or any doors to alert you if used.

  • Burglar Alarm event logs

    A fully auditable event log will be populated when the alarm is enabled or disabled, and alerts can be set up to ensure that you know if the alarm has not been set when required – allowing you to arrange for the site to be attended and the alarm to be switched on. This ensures that your insurance is valid and reduces the potential for complex claims.

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Need help with your Burglar Alarm?

If you need help with your Burglar Alarm, hopefully our videos can solve your issue.

Video 1 – How to connect a TI Security Burglar Alarm to wireless Wi-fi

Video 2 – How to programme Key Fobs for a TI Security Burglar Alarm

Video 3 – Setting up your SOS Panic Button

Video 4 – How to find your System ID and App Password from your Burglar Alarm


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Commercial Burglar Alarm

Your Business Alarm System needs to keep you safe and fit your budget – when you partner with TI Security you can be 100% confident that we’ll meet these criteria, along with many other benefits:

  • NSI Gold Accredited

    We’ll ensure your Business Alarm System covers all your insurance and legal obligations.

  • Speed

    We’ll survey your business, send you a fast and transparent quotation and schedule your Business Alarm System installation to suit your timescale.

  • Skilled installation engineers

    Our installers are qualified, fully trained, fast, clean, tidy, courteous, friendly – simply put, they always do the job properly – our reviews are full of praise for them!

  • Enhanced security and crime prevention

    Your site and premises are full of equipment, materials, machinery, and stock that hold a lot of financial value, so you need to ensure you are well protected from theft or criminal damage. A high-quality Burglar Alarm system acts as a strong deterrent, while our add-on services also ensure a fast response from a reliable provider should anyone gain unauthorised access.

  • Reduce downtime

    Because a monitored commercial Burglar Alarm system and clear warning signage can deter a break-in, this subsequently means less risk of operational or production disruption – if an incident occurs, it can severely impact on staff access to conduct ‘business as usual’, a scenario that can quickly see losses adding up.

  • Technology choice

    We offer the latest technologies including Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems, matching your solution to your business needs and budget.

  • Value for money

    Our buying power and installation experience mean you’re assured of great value for money business Burglar Alarm and ongoing maintenance package.

  • Insurance compliance

    There is no point spending money on insurance if you do not have the required level of Intruder protection, so we only supply approved commercial Intruder Alarm systems to keep you covered, such as Redcare and CSL Dualcom alarms.

All your questions answered - Just book a free meeting

You are sure to have lots of questions about how a Business Alarm System can help your business, and to make sure you choose the right supplier – we are happy to be put in the firing line during a face-to-face meeting, where you can ask us all your questions so we can address and overcome any concerns.

This meeting allows you to access tailored information on the benefits that an Intruder Alarm system can offer and find out how we can seamlessly work with your organisation:

  • Finance

    We offer flexible leasing on all Business Burglar Alarm, helping you manage your cash flow, increase tax efficiency, fix your costs, and ensure you have the best and latest equipment. Get the Business Burglar Alarm system you need, without compromise, by spreading the cost.

  • Operations & Production

    Coordinate and agree with what access requirements we have with your production and operations team, to ensure there is minimal or no impact on your business. We will also liaise and work with your site maintenance department and any other internal and external contractors and partners. We’ll install or upgrade your Intruder Alarm quickly and efficiently, with no disruption to your business.

  • IT

    You need to know that any data traffic and software integrated and introduced to your network is safe and secure.  We will not expose your business to cyber risk, and our team here at TI Security will work in conjunction with your IT specialists.

    Your business Intruder Alarm will be powered by sophisticated software, so we’ll deal directly with your IT department, speaking their language and making sure that everything is set up and running smoothly.

    We also appreciate that you already have plenty of responsibilities within your business, so you can leave everything to us – from maintenance to remote monitoring and keyholder response if you wish.

  • Health & Safety

    We can provide a Program of Works, agree Permits to Work and create tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements according to your specific site requirements. Our NSI Gold accredited engineers work safely and according to the latest health and safety requirements at all times.

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