Wireless Burglar Alarm Package

  • Wireless Burglar Alarm Leeds Package
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm Live External Sounder
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm PIR
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm Door Contact
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm Fob
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm NSI Gold Burglar Alarm Installer Leeds
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm BT Redcare Installer Leeds
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm CSL Dualcom Installer Leeds

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Add to the current package with fitting included:

  • Wireless PIR Detector (inc Pet-friendly option) – £79.80 inc VAT
  • Wireless Door Contact – £68.40 inc VAT
  • Wireless Door Contact & Vibration Detector – £82.44 inc VAT
  • Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector – £111.24 inc VAT
  • Wireless Decoy Sounder – £28.00 inc VAT

The additional equipment costs are based on during the installation of the main system, not return visits.

The ongoing Cloud Mobile App and 24-hour support is £30 inc VAT per annum.

Wireless Burglar Alarm

Control your Wireless Burglar Alarm system from your keypad and your smartphone. All connected devices can check, set and unset your Alarm on your phone from anywhere in the world.

To protect rooms and entrances from break-ins, whilst sending alarms to your smartphone and a built-in tampering alarm feature. The option of pet-friendly sensors that ignore pets of smaller sizes.

If you require a Wireless Alarm monitored or with Police Response, then give us a call on 0113 281 2106.

  • 1 x Control Panel
  • 1 x Wireless Keypad
  • 1 x Wireless Live External sounder
  • 1 x Wireless Door Contact
  • 2 x Wireless Passive Infra-Red (PIR) Detectors (inc Pet-friendly option)
  • 2 x Wireless Swipe Fobs
  • 2 x Set up of 1-years use of the Cloud Mobile App
  • 1 x Electrical connection
  • 1 x NSI Certificate of compliance for Insurance Approval
  • Installed by a Qualified Engineer
  • 12 Month warranty

£499.00 inc VAT

Other Information

This offer is available for installation in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Wetherby, Pontefract and surrounding areas.

All prices and quotes are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

At Last...

Wireless Burglar Alarm systems done properly

Our 50+ years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining Home Burglar Alarms and Security Systems gives you complete peace of mind, with bespoke solutions that give you the precise level of Burglary protection and prevention that you require.

  • Wireless Burglar Alarm
  • Home Wireless Burglar Alarm
  • Residential Burglar Alarm
  • NSI Gold Burglar Alarm Installer Leeds
  • BT Redcare Installer Leeds
  • CSL Dualcom Installer Leeds

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Why choose TI Security for your Home Wireless Burglar Alarm Security System?

If you want to protect your family, your valuables and your Home, Burglar Alarm Systems installed by experienced professionals will help you sleep soundly – whether you’re in residence or enjoying some time away. Our friendly and efficient engineers have installed thousands of Home Burglar Security Systems throughout Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK, and we’d love to help you too. Your property, assets and family’s security are important to you, so you want it done right – don’t trust your Home Burglar Alarm Systems to anyone other than TI Security.

All your questions answered – just book a FREE meeting

We’re happy to answer all your questions regarding your new or upgraded Home Burglar Alarm system and our ongoing Maintenance services during a free meeting and property survey at your convenience.

We’ll ensure you get the Home Burglar Alarm system that suits your requirements and budget, with our tailored advice and product recommendations.

Your home burglar security systems – features and benefits

Your home is full of valuable assets, and often, while they’re financially valuable to burglars, they’re irreplaceable when it comes to sentimentality and the memories they hold. That said, the most precious things in your property are of course the people – and there’s no greater peace of mind than knowing your loved ones are protected from potential intrusions. Our exceptional standards of customer care set us aside from other Residential Security experts, but that’s not the only reason you’ll get the best possible experience from TI…

  • Bespoke home burglar alarm systems

    We take all potentially vulnerable points around your property, outbuildings and perimeter into consideration, ensuring that you get an Intruder Alarm that’s entirely fit for purpose.

  • Wired or wireless alarm systems

    We offer a range of high-quality Wired or Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, with all Electrical Work undertaken by our qualified engineers and competitive prices guaranteed.

  • Intuitive app for complete control

    We can connect your Home Burglar Alarm to our easy-to-use smartphone app, giving you immediate access to event logs, and the ability to set or unset your Alarm Remotely from your phone.

  • Integrated CCTV solutions

    If you choose to integrate CCTV with your Residential Burglar Alarm, we can also provide you with the functionality to view your Camera images from your smartphone app too!

  • Essential monitoring services

    Our BT Redcare and Dualcom Monitoring Services are exceptional and ensure a proper and appropriate response to any alerts – an Audible Alarm with no response service just doesn’t cut it!

  • Police response

    If our Monitoring station receives an alert from your Residential Burglar Alarm System, our operatives will immediately notify the Police if necessary.

  • Visual deterrent

    The TI Security brand is widely recognised across Leeds and Yorkshire, and a well-maintained Bell Box with our name on outside your property will act as an additional Burglary deterrent.

  • Perimeter protection

    Lockdown your windows and doors while you’re outside, so you can work in the garage, mow the lawns or simply relax in the sun without worrying that entry points are exposed to threats.

  • Protect outbuildings

    We can include Alarm facilities for any outbuildings, garages or annexes, ensuring that all your valuables, including your car, are fully protected.


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Home Burglar Alarm Security Systems

Your burglar security system needs to keep you safe and fit your budget – when you partner with TI you can be 100% confident that we’ll meet these criteria, along with many other benefits:

  • Flexible

    Every home and family are different, so we offer a wide range of flexible Home Intruder Alarm solutions to suit every purpose – from simple standalone Alarms to Security Systems with integrated CCTV.

  • Speed

    We’ll survey your property, grounds and perimeter, send you a fast and transparent quotation, and schedule your Residential Burglar Alarm installation or upgrade to suit you.

  • Monitoring

    We offer BT Redcare and Dualcom Intruder Alarm Monitoring, for 24/7 around-the-clock protection, Keyholder Services and Police notification in the event of a breach or break-in.

  • Technology choice

    We offer the very latest technologies including Wireless Intruder Alarm Systems, with easy smartphone monitoring facilities for homeowners who want to keep a check on their property while they’re away.

  • Value for money

    Our buying power and vast installation experience mean you’re assured of great value for money.

  • Skilled installation engineers

    Our installers are legendary – qualified, fully trained, fast, clean, tidy, courteous, friendly – simply put, they always do the job properly – our reviews are full of praise for them!

  • Improving existing home burglar alarm systems

    Problems with your current Intruder Alarm or Maintenance provider? Our NSI accredited engineers can upgrade or enhance your Security Systems and take over all Maintenance requirements for a service that provides 100% satisfaction.

Got a question about Home Burglar Alarms?

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