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Our TI Security website uses cookies, they help functionality and allow our website to run smoother.

TI Security uses cookies to provide our website users with specific online information on the products and services we provide. Cookies help improve the content we post, create a better user experience and provide features on our website that make it easier for the user.

You may need to accept the terms and conditions/cookies policy when you visit the TI Security website in order to view and interact with it properly. Please note if you wish, you can turn your cookies off and cookies can be deleted after web browsing sessions. You can remove any cookies that may be on your device; however, disabling cookies may prevent our website from functioning properly.

Why do TI Security use cookies?

Cookies allow temporary storage of details, which include your specific information and preferences when visiting the TI Security website, this includes: when contacting us through contact forms or the live chat feature. There are cookies that collect information of your usage of our TI Security website so we can continually revise and improve the content, so that you can find the right information you need. We do not collect data on visitors such as personal information; we only collect data which summarises statistics of visitors browsing on our TI Security website.

Some of the cookies we’re currently using:

  • Google Analytics – distinguishes users and sessions, it shows us how you reached our site
  • Google Insights – tracks people clicking onto our website, calling or looking for directions
  • Google Tag Manager – measures where clicked on our website
  • Google AdWords – campaign related information showing conversions
  • Google Maps widget – may request your location to direct you to TI Security
  • WordPress
  • LiveChat feature

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