Automatic Doors FAQ

Automatic Doors Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Automatic Doors?

    Automatic Doors are doors that are equipped with sensors and motors so that they open automatically when someone approaches or uses a button to activate them.

  • How do Automatic Doors work?

    Automatic Doors use sensors to detect the presence of an individual and then activate the door’s motor to open or close the door. The sensors can be infrared, optic sensor, or a combination of both or manually operated such as a push button.

  • How do infrared detectors work?

    Active infrared detectors recognise body heat, so when a user approaches a doorway, their body heat changes the temperature of the area, the sensor detects this and triggers the motor to open the door. This process is prompt for the most effective and convenience use of Automatic Doors.

  • What are optic sensors?

    Optic sensors detect motion, a beam points toward a doorway entrance and send a message to open the door when motion disrupts the beam. They can be useful for vehicles although might not detect slow movements.

  • What are pressure sensors?

    Pressure sensors detect a change in weight, the change is recognised and a signal is sent to the automatic door motor which causes them to open.

  • How do push buttons work?

    When a push button is used, a signal is sent to the motor to operate the door for the user. Buttons can also be touch free, to reduce germs on sites such as hospitals.

  • What are the benefits of Automatic Doors?

    • Convenience – whether you want Automatic Doors to benefit yourself or your customer, doors that open and close for you makes entry and exiting easier, especially if you’re juggling items.
    • Hygiene – Automatic Doors with sensors provide touchless solutions for your business, which reduces touchpoints and can help decrease the spread of germs and illness in your workplace.
    • Accessibility – Automatic Doors with sensors provide easy access for people with disabilities, which complies with the Equality act 2010.
    • Energy-efficient – because Automatic Doors only open and close when needed it limits the time, they are left open, which can help maintain internal temperatures and save energy and money.
    • Professionalism – Automatic Doors can enhance site aesthetics and make it look more professional, this can entice customers and give a positive association of your business.
  • How can I maintain and repair my Automatic Doors?

    It’s recommended to have a regular maintenance schedule for Automatic Doors to ensure they are working properly. If you have a problem with your Automatic Doors, you can contact us for help solving the issue.

  • Are Automatic Doors safe?

    All Automatic Doors need to be installed to comply with health and safety regulations such as the machinery directive. Regular maintenance can ensure your Automatic Doors are kept safe and in working condition for users. For more about automatic door maintenance contact us today.

  • Can Automatic Doors be integrated with other security systems?

    Yes, Automatic Doors can be integrated with other systems such as Access Control, CCTV and Intruder Alarms.

  • How do I know if Automatic Doors are right for my business?

    There are many solutions for Automatic Doors to suit your specific needs, budget and work environment. A free consultation with one of our surveyors might help you decide which option will suit you best.

  • What is the equality act 2010?

    The equality act protects people from discrimination, by installing Automatic Doors you provide everybody within our society to have the same experience, without discriminating against people who can’t use manual doors such as wheelchair users because Automatic Doors can be used by everyone in the same way.

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