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Burglar Alarm Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Intruder Alarms?

    Intruder Alarms are electronic security systems that alert occupants or authorities of unauthorized entry into a building.

  • How do Intruder Alarms work?

    Intruder Alarms use sensors to detect security breaches once the Alarm has been set, if breaches are sensed the detector sends a signal to the control panel, which will sound the external sounder to notify anybody near by of the intrusion. If your Alarm is monitored the signalling unit in the control panel will inform the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who call your nominated persons and keyholders if arranged to inform them of the intrusion.

  • What happens if an intruder alarm is triggered?

    When an Intruder Alarm is triggered, a loud alarm will sound. If the Alarm is monitored, a signal will instantly be sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who will inform nominated persons and the authorities if this is part of their alarm setup.

  • How to choose an intruder alarm company?

    Choosing the right Intruder Alarm company is highly important, they’re protecting your business so reliability should be your main priority. At TI Security we have over 50 years in the industry, numerous 5-star reviews and several accreditations that demonstrate our high-quality goods and services.

  • How can I choose the right intruder alarm for my building?

    The right system for you will depend on your size, layout, potential vulnerability and budget. Our solutions can be tailored to suit your security risk assessment, if you don’t have one our surveyors can conduct one for you and make recommendations considering your site layout, vulnerable entry points, areas with limited lighting and entry points.

  • What are the types of Intruder Alarm detectors?

    There are many Intruder Alarm detectors, each beneficial in different situations, they include: Passive Infrared (PIR), Microwave, Vibration Detectors and door contacts.

  • How do vibration sensors work?

    Vibration sensors are attached to potential entry points for intruders, they sense changes in the vibration patterns of a building or object which sends a signal to an alarm system. Then the systems sound an alarm and can alert the authorities or a monitoring station of a potential intrusion. Installing them on doors can detect intruders before they even get into a premises and catching them sooner.

  • How do passive infrared detectors work?

    Passive Infrared detectors detect changes in infrared (heat) radiation, when the temperature within its range changes, the change is detected and triggers the alarm signal. They may be triggered by a person or object entering a room and are most commonly used in all security systems.

  • What is a dual technology detector?

    Dual technology detectors use a combination of microwave and PIR detection. Microwave detectors emit and receive a stream of microwave signals around the detection area, when an object enters the area, it will deflect the microwave signal. If both the microwave and PIR sensors are activated the alarm will sound. The microwaves emitted are not harmful to users.

  • Is it better to have a wired Burglar Alarm system or a wire-free system?

    Whether wired or not, NSI has audited us to ensure our work complies with the industry standards. We do not favour different types of systems, only that they comply, so it comes down to personal preference.

  • What is Professional Monitoring on a Burglar Alarm?

    TI Security are specialists in creating systems that work specifically for your home or business. As part of this comprehensive service; we’re able to supply 24-hour 365 days a year Burglar Alarm Monitoring. This removes the need for a full-time security guard onsite, providing you with coverage at all times. When you leave your property in an evening; you want the reassurance that while you’re not there, everything is still looked after. For many years, manned guarding has been the only way to protect your property out of hours; but this is an extremely costly and inefficient way of dealing with things in today’s world. Monitoring Features include:

    • Saves money – Monitoring can be installed and run at a fraction of the cost of a full-time security guard. The only recurring cost after installation is maintenance.
    • Safer for staff – All procedures are managed in our 24-hour monitoring station; therefore, staff are removed from potential danger.
    • NSI GOLD Approved Receiving Centre – Our Alarm Receiving Centre is accredited to the British Standard.
    • Efficient – Always alert, no matter what time of day or night it is.
  • How does Burglar Alarm Monitoring work?

    The system is set up to cover your site so that in an event, the monitoring station gets an immediate response. Which provides the operative with information to make a decision to alert your keyholders and the police if necessary. Most existing systems can be upgraded to become a monitored system: by adding a transmission device which is linked to the Burglar Alarm NSI Approved Monitoring Station.

  • What is Burglar Alarm Police Response?

    TI Security is approved by all UK police forces. This means that no matter where in the country; our customers can rest safe in the knowledge that police response can be arranged if required. Having Burglar Alarm Police Response can be critical in protecting your property. The police will only respond to a confirmed activation on a newly installed system; this means the activation of two detectors within the confirmation period. This idea was introduced in 2002 to reduce the number of false alarms attended by the police. The police will respond as a matter of urgency to any confirmed activation on a monitored Burglar Alarm. There are two levels of police response as determined by the ACPO Policy:

    • Level One – immediate response
    • Level Three – response withdrawn; this is a result of three false calls to the police for burglar alarms/personal attack alarms in a twelve-month period. Reinstatement can be achieved following the identification of the cause of the false alarms, and appropriate remedial action having been taken.
  • What is Burglar Alarm Keyholder response?

    Having a Burglar Alarm can act as a great deterrent in itself, but even with an audible alarm; that won’t always be enough to stop opportunists from entering your premises. If this happens, there’s no guarantee that someone will call for help; having a monitored alarm with security personnel ready, can make all the difference to the outcome. No matter where your site is in the UK; or even if you have multiple sites that require looking after. Our trained security professionals can quickly respond to an alarm activation; heading directly to the premises to evaluate and remedy the situation.

  • What is BT Redcare and how does it work?

    BT Redcare devices have been protecting people’s properties for over 25 years and Redcare continues to provide popular signalling systems today. Our preferred signalling devices from BT are the Redcare Secure systems, as they meet the highest security requirements within the industry and comply fully with the Police and British/European requirements. Redcare Secure is a small device which is fitted inside or alongside your Burglar Alarm panel and monitors your alarm system for signals relating to faults, tampering and alarm activations. In the event that the signalling device receives an alert; it will immediately contact our NSI approved alarm receiving centre so that they can respond accordingly. Redcare Secure is a dual path signalling device meaning that it communicates with our Alarm Receiving Centre via both the mobile network and a telephone line. In the event that your telephone line is cut; the device can still send signals using the mobile network.

  • What is CSL Dualcom?

    CSL Dualcom is a certified company and the only signalling service provider to have invested in a purpose built and fully resourced Network Operations Centre. CSL Dualcom invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. The Dualcom Grade Shift® Range, the UK’s fastest selling dual signalling system offers installers a reliable product that is easy to install, for any grade of risk. The introduction of the WorldSIM® boosted this popularity and reduced false alarms by almost 90%. The WorldSIM® automatically selects the best network so that fewer line faults are sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre, meaning fewer false alarms.

  • What is the digital switchover?

    By 2025 all analogue lines will be converted to IP signalling, switching to full fibre connection means devices will use the internet rather than traditional copper wires.

  • How does the digital switch over effect my intruder alarm?

    Switching to full fibre will only affect monitored Intruder Alarms, the changeover relies on a new signalling unit to comply with IP or upgraded radio signals to 4G and 5G, because analogue and older 2G and 3G signalling lines are going to be cut, meaning to function your need the newer compliant signalling unit.

  • What is the difference between a Gold and Silver NSI approved company?

    Gold and Silver NSI approved companies meet the same technical standards for their installations. NSI Gold companies must also operate a documented Quality Management System to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. We are NSI Gold, to check our approval, visit the NSI website.

  • Why has my insurer insisted upon an NSI installer?

    This is because insurers know that NSI rigorously audits the work of its approved companies against industry standards, thus lessening risk. A Certificate of Compliance will certify that your Burglar Alarm has been installed to the relevant industry standards by an NSI approved company. A copy may also be given to your insurer to confirm an NSI approved company has carried out the installation.

  • Why should I choose an NSI installer?

    Before granted approval, you have to show that you meet the important criteria including repute and experience of management, financial stability, insurance cover, secure premises and appropriate tools, vehicles and equipment. Also, that company personnel, including the engineers that may visit your home or place of business, are security screened.

  • I’ve been told my premises needs a risk assessment what does this mean?

    A risk assessment will be carried out to ensure that the design of the Burglar Alarm system is suitable for your needs, taking into account factors such as the location of your property, the value of the contents and local crime patterns.

  • What is a monitored burglar alarm system?

    A Burglar Alarm system that transmits signals to an approved monitoring station which provides twenty-four-hour monitoring throughout the year.

  • Can Intruder Alarms be linked to a monitoring service?

    Yes, our Intruder Alarms can be linked to a 24/7 monitoring service. On activation, your alarm will instantly end an alert to First county monitoring’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) who can alert nominated persons and authorities as required. As NSI Gold providers, our customers can choose to have police response, where police will be notified in case of an intrusion.

  • What is burglar alarm police response?

    TI Security are approved by all UK police forces, so our customers can rest safe in the knowledge that police response can be arranged. This means that when your Intruder alarm is activated, the signalling unit will alert the monitoring station who will alert the police of an intrusion. The police will respond as urgently as they can to confirmed activation on monitored burglar alarms.

  • What is burglar alarm keyholder response?

    Even with an audible Alarm, intruders could enter your property and there’s no guarantee that somebody will call for help. A monitored Burglar Alarm will notify chosen people in case of an intrusion and they can alert keyholders who will respond quickly and show up to your site upon alarm activation. We offer keyholding at TI Security to enhance your Intruder Alarm systems

  • Do I have to have a maintenance contract?

    A maintenance visit shows that your alarm system is functioning properly. Non monitored Alarm systems should be maintained once a year; whereas a system that signals to an approved monitoring station needs to be maintained twice a year.

  • Do I need a maintenance contract?

    Maintenance ensures everything is working properly, ensuring you get the most out of your Intruder Alarm. Non-monitored alarms should be maintained once a year; whereas a monitored system needs to be maintained twice a year.

  • Can Intruder Alarms be integrated with other security systems?

    Yes, Intruder Alarms can be integrated with other security systems such as cameras, Access Control systems, and Fire Alarms. Having security for many incidents gives you peace of mind that your business can be always protected.

  • What happens if I have a power cut?

    All systems have a main back-up battery. This battery ensures the system remains operational during power outages. When the power is restored, the system is usually designed to recharge the battery from the mains so that the battery continues to be able to provide back-up if another outage takes place.

  • What happens if I make a mistake setting the alarm?

    We will train you to operate the system, including setting and unsetting the Alarm and will explain what should happen in the unlikely event that you may make a mistake.

  • What happens if I have a fault with my system?

    We are happy to investigate any faults or false alarms that may arise from your system even if we did not install it.

  • How to find system ID and app password for my burglar alarm?

    The Homecontrol2.0 app is highly valuable for controlling your Burglar Alarm whilst away, although connecting your Burglar Alarm requires your system ID and password. If you need help finding your system ID and app password, see our tutorial on our business Burglar Alarms page: https://www.tisecurity.co.uk/business-burglar-alarm/

  • How do I programme key fobs for my burglar alarm?

    Intruder Alarm Key Fobs can be important to set and unset alarms along with Access Control on doors connected to your intruder system, they can be highly useful for keeping track of employees on a site. For help with programming key fobs, see our video tutorial on: https://www.tisecurity.co.uk/business-burglar-alarm/

  • How to programme my burglar alarm to wireless Wi-Fi?

    If you’ve got a new wireless Wi-Fi and need to connect it to your Alarm, you can follow along our video on the following page: https://www.tisecurity.co.uk/business-burglar-alarm/

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