Fire Extinguisher FAQ

Fire Extinguisher Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Fire Extinguisher?

    A Fire Extinguisher is a portable device that is used to put out small fires. It typically consists of a container filled with a fire-extinguishing agent, a trigger mechanism, and a nozzle.

  • How does a Fire Extinguisher work?

    A Fire Extinguisher works by releasing a stream of fire-extinguishing agent through a nozzle. The agent is typically a foam, powder, or liquid that is designed to smother or cool the fire, though each agent combats a different type of fire.

  • What are the different types of Fire Extinguishers?

    There are several different types of Fire Extinguishers, including water, foam, CO2, dry powder, and wet chemical extinguishers. Each type of extinguisher is designed to be used on specific types of fires.

  • When to use different Fire Extinguishers?

    There are different classifications of fires, because not all fires are the same they need the right Fire Extinguisher to effectively handle a fire. We’ve listed the types of fires and which extinguishers can be used for each below:

    Class A fires – Combustible materials. Water, Foam, Powder, Wet Chemical Extinguishers.

    Class B – Flammable liquids. Foam, Powder, CO2 Extinguishers.

    Class C – Flammable gasses. Powder Extinguishers.

    Class D – Flammable metals. Powder Extinguishers.

    Class E – Electrical goods. Powder, CO2 Extinguishers.

    Class F – cooking oils. Wet chemical Extinguishers.

  • What are the legal requirements for Fire Extinguishers?

    The requirements may vary, but generally include regular inspection and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, as well as proper placement and signage.

  • How often should Fire Extinguishers be serviced?

    Fire Extinguishers should be serviced annually by a certified specialist. Get in touch today for more about our Fire Extinguisher maintenance.

  • How do I maintain my Fire Extinguisher?

    Proper maintenance of a Fire Extinguisher includes regular inspections, ensuring that the extinguisher is fully charged and in good condition, and keeping it in an easily accessible location. It is also important to replace any damaged or expired extinguishers.

    TI Security offer maintenance packages for our customers where we can ensure your Fire Extinguishers are kept in good condition.

  • What are Fire Extinguisher regulations?

    Building codes and fire regulations: Fire Extinguishers must be installed and maintained in compliance with building codes and fire regulations to ensure the safety of occupants and the building.

    Product safety regulations: Fire Extinguishers must comply with product safety regulations, such as those related to pressure and material safety.

    Maintenance and inspection requirements: Fire Extinguishers must be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure they are in working order and readily available in case of a fire.

    Record-keeping requirements: Employers must keep records of Fire Extinguisher maintenance and inspection, and make them available upon request by fire inspectors.

    Training requirements: Employees must be trained in the proper use of Fire Extinguishers, and employers must provide training to ensure that employees know how to use Fire Extinguishers in case of a fire.

    Legal liability: Employers must ensure that Fire Extinguishers are properly installed and maintained, and that employees are trained to use them.

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