Traffic Barrier FAQ

Traffic Barrier Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Traffic Barriers?

    Traffic Barriers are physical structures used to control the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, regulate access, and provide security.

  • Can Traffic Barriers be customized?

    Yes, Traffic Barriers can be customized for specific security needs, Access Control and CCTV among other security solutions can be integrated to enhance their effectiveness.

  • Why do Traffic Barriers need maintenance?

    Regular maintenance will ensure the longevity and functionality of Traffic Barriers. A professional service will ensure that the mechanical and electrical components are working correctly and safely for use.

  • Can Traffic Barriers be integrated with other security systems?

    Yes, Traffic Barriers can be integrated with other security systems such as cameras, Access Control systems, and Intruder Alarms.

  • What legislation must Traffic Barriers follow?

    Traffic Barriers must follow the machinery directive regulations, this ensures Traffic Barriers are safe for use. As Gate Safe installers our engineers know how to identify dangers withing Traffic Barriers and how to install and maintain them safely.

  • What makes a Traffic Barrier safe?

    There are features the can be added to Traffic Barriers to make them safe for use, these include:

    • Safety edges – they installed to ensure the Traffic Barrier doesn’t squash or close on any passing vehicles or pedestrians below it.
    • Photocells – photocells are made up of a transmitter and receiver to ensure the Traffic Barrier doesn’t close when a vehicle is trying to pass through the Barrier.
  • What is a safety edge?

    A safety edge is a sensor that is typically installed on the bottom edge of the Traffic Barrier. It is designed to detect when something is in the way while it is closing, and will cause the Traffic Barrier to stop or reverse its direction to prevent injury or damage.

  • How do photocells work?

    Photocells send infrared beams to each other, if the beam is broken the photocells send a signal to the Traffic Barrier, to tell it to stop or lift open so that a vehicle can pass through.

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