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Kirby Builders Merchants required a new burglar alarm to deter any criminals from taking any stock. We went to see what opportunities they had in preventing an intruder with a Burglar Alarm Boston Spa…

Kirby Builders Merchants was established in 1991, a family run business that supplies building, landscaping, timber, stone materials and much more. Striving to achieve high customer service and satisfaction, Kirby Builders Merchants are known for offering some great advice; take a look at what they can offer you…

Burglar Alarm Boston Spa

An alarm is a vital piece to have on your building to deter away any unwanted people. A sounder is the first impression an intruder receives a judgement of your business. A business with no security alarm becomes an easy target, however, old alarms are too been targeted.

What to look for on a Burglar Alarm Boston Spa

A sounder that is discoloured, rusty, or old-fashioned will be a target, the intruder can presume it isn’t maintained and so they know in the event of a break-in, they will not be detected. Another thing to look for is businesses are using dummy bell boxes to deter someone; however a visual is no longer enough, a bell box needs to have a pulsing strobe LED for the intruder to know it is up and running. Having a clear security companies name on the sounder is also a big help, a blank may look like a DIY system.

Keeping your Burglar Alarm Boston Spa up to date

Old alarm systems are likely to become faulty and used in appearance over time. The appearance inside and out needs to show it is maintained. Digits on keypads are known for wearing out, making it easier for criminals as they now know the code to unset the alarm. When we carry out maintenance on your alarm we ensure you are kept up to date on any adjustments required to reduce the chances of anyone gaining entry.

Latest Burglar Alarm Boston Spa technology

Small Business Burglar Alarms are not a one-time-only investment, even with the maintenance they’re like any other piece of equipment which requires replacing over time. It is important to keep your system up to date to ensure the safety is up to date, it may not suit your building layout anymore. Over recent years mobile technology has become integrated with Burglar Alarm systems, so you can set and unset your alarm from anywhere or look at who was the last person to lock up also new systems are quicker to respond.

Boston Spa

Boston Spa is a village of Leeds, West Yorkshire. In 1744, it was known for a spa town when sulphur was found in the limestone. Separated from Thorp Arch by the River Wharfe, 3 Miles from Wetherby. The long-distance walk from Leeds to Scarborough “The White Rose Way”, passes through the Boston Spa village.

Kirby Builders Merchants, Inglebank, High Street, Boston Spa, West Yorkshire, LS23 6AW

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Clifford, Bramham, Toulston, Thorpe Arch Estate, Walton, Wetherby, Linton or Collingham?

Do you think your burglar alarm in Boston Spa is giving the right impression? Want to know where we could improve your Burglar Alarm Boston Spa? Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01937 222 735 and we will discuss your options.

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