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Owners of Costcutter Tockwith, contacted TI Security wanting to explore their potential savings for their business. A security consultant visited, feeling confident that we could reduce the amount they were paying for Maintenance on their Burglar Alarm.

Costcutter started off with 7 stores in York and is now part of a nationwide chain. Stores are run by independent retailers, offering a range of baked and fresh goods to the local community. Tockwith Costcutter is known for having friendly staff that are more than happy to help and the shelves which are always fully stocked.

Burglar Alarms

An intruder alarm is a deterrent on its own, it can reduce your insurance premium and gives peace of mind that your business is less likely to be a target. The police and your insurers expect you to have an alarm to achieve a minimum level of security, showing how serious you are about your business. After you have invested in an Intruder Alarm system, the last thing you want is a problem. Some businesses with an un-maintained system find their alarm wasn’t correctly working during the event of a break in. Making it even costlier when it could have been prevented by having a service.

Burglar Alarm Maintenance Tockwith

We pride ourselves on efficiency, we know it is not easy to remember so we remind you a month before your service is due. A maintenance visit ensures your alarm system is working to its highest performance, allowing an engineer to resolve any problems before they can become serious and expensive to repair. Our engineers are skilled and find the weak points where a burglar is likely to try. All sensors are checked to ensure movement is detected, cabling is checked for any damage or deterioration, the logs are reviewed for any activation’s and to confirm the battery power is sufficient to power the alarm if the mains is absent.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Due to most people ignoring the sound of an alarm, we recommend more than just a bell only system. Having a monitored alarm means that even if people do ignore your alarm sounding, the signalling device alerts your keyholders and the police to attend. If you have a monitored intruder alarm it is important you have maintenance visits by an NSI approved engineer, if a false activation occurs you can lose your Police Response.


Tockwith is a village of Harrogate, with Harrogate recently voted the happiest place to live in in Britain. In 1644, the Battle of Marston Moor occurred between Tockwith and Long Marston. Now a War Memorial commemorates the land. Known for its flat farmlands and the church of Epiphany near Wetherby and the River Nidd.

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