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When stock and vehicles are going back and forth on a 24-hour site, CCTV is a great way to protect stock, the company and employees. Lawcris contacted us asking if we could help them at their new building…

Lawcris Panel Products are the leading wood-based panel products, laminates and edgings company. Starting out in Wakefield, Lawcris has moved premises several times since 1982 and we’ve accompanied them at every stage of their journey, to ensure each site offered the appropriate level of security. If you’re looking for great quality panel products take a look at what Lawcris could offer you…


Whilst Lawcris was moving in to their new building, they soon realised that their existing CCTV, was not meeting the standard that we had installed in all of their other buildings. With over 200,000 sq ft to monitor via CCTV, they had multiple requirements of why they needed a new system, here’s why…

CCTV app

Firstly, Lawcris wanted the ease of looking at all their cameras in one place. The new buildings cameras were poor quality and did not work together with their cameras in other buildings. After installing their new CCTV, Lawcris could use the app to access all of their cameras at once from anywhere.

Health and Safety

Due to their high demand, there are always forklifts driving around the warehouse and delivery drivers in the loading bays. Lawcris wanted to monitor that their staff were meeting all the health and safety requirements where necessary.

Deter Criminals

Like any business, Lawcris needed to deter anyone from stealing stock, vehicles, machinery or causing any malicious damage; making it clear that they the site is monitored with police response to catch them in the act.

Cross Green

Cross Green is 1 mile away from Leeds City Centre, it is the prime industrial warehouse location in Leeds, West Yorkshire. With the A63 running straight through the middle, it also has both the M1 and M62 motorways nearby. Cross Green is now home to the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility where they convert household waste into energy.

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