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We were pleasantly surprised when we received an enquiry through our website from a well-known packaging company at their Pontefract site; who were looking for an upgrade to their CCTV Featherstone systems.

The plastic packaging experts have been solving packaging problems for over 50 years. They ensure that our tasty treats and bites to eat stay fresh and are well packaged for convenience and protection. The UK based company deliver lower levels of food waste and improved hygiene standards whilst providing convenient packaging to retail, catering and food manufacturing sectors.

CCTV Featherstone

We were asked to give some recommendations to a new CCTV for businesses system for their Pontefract site, we knew we could provide a new system but reduce the cost. They had an analogue system that was already in place, so we suggested upgrading to an HD CCTV Featherstone system but we could use the existing cables, reducing the cost, as the running of cables was not required. We improved the system they already had in place but we then suggested additional cameras to ensure that all of the sites were covered, which included replacing external CCTV cameras which were faulty and adding more monitors to their system for easy use.

Quality of CCTV Featherstone Camera image

HD 1080p Cameras replaced analogue cameras, allowing you to use the same cables but increase the clarity of an image. You can zoom into an image on an HD CCTV camera and see a quality clear image, whereas when zooming on an analogue camera, the quality decreases and pixelates. HD 1080p cameras leave you with better CCTV footage to review.


Featherstone is a town in Pontefract in West Yorkshire near the M62, 2 miles south-west of Pontefract, near Wakefield. Like many of the surrounding areas, Featherstone grew around coal mining, it has been mined since the 13th century and remains of the pits can be seen in the north of Featherstone.

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