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The Leeds Boat House came to TI Security after they had their new £1.2million boathouse built. Multiple security systems were put in whilst building works were being done on the boathouse, but when it came time to service the systems, they wanted their Intruder Alarm serviced by a local, reliable and well-known company. Upon the engineer’s arrival to service the small business Burglar Alarm, the Leeds Boat House mentioned that they were looking for other security maintenance companies who could service their other security systems and if we could recommend anyone; our engineer was quick to point out that we could do ALL of their security systems, to make it easier than getting multiple charges from different companies and it all could be done at the same time.

The Leeds Boat House was built in September 2014 costing £1.2million, which was funded by British Rowing, Sport England, the University of Leeds and the charity WREN. Leeds Boat House is used by Leeds Rowing Club and the University of Leeds Boat Club, who represents the city at events across the UK. Since the boathouse was opened membership of the two clubs has doubled from about 250 to 500 members of all age ranges and levels of experience. The development of the Leeds Boat House has also allowed the creation of a new rowing club in the city, based at the local Gorse Academy Trust, allowing a new generation of school children from South Leeds to take up the sport.

With the increased use of the facility and growing club membership having confidence in the security systems has assumed increased importance, and the Trustees of the Boathouse are delighted with the service they have received from TI Security.

Fire Extinguishers Stourton

After servicing the Burglar Alarm, the engineer started the Fire Extinguisher servicing, checking to see that all Extinguishers were located near exits and fire alarm call points, with every extinguisher located within the required distances and checking that any specialist extinguishers are positioned within easy reach of the specific hazard. The engineer then checked if the Fire Extinguishers Stourton were fixed to the wall or sat on a stand to discourage people from moving them around to prop a door open.

Fire Extinguisher Stourton Servicing

Small business Fire Extinguishers can be bought elsewhere but must be commissioned by a competent person. This is so they are thoroughly checked and approved as good for use and so are not compliant until they have been commissioned, even if they are the right type and size in the correct location. All Fire Extinguishers Stourton require at least 1 service per year and replaced every 5 years to meet “The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005”.

Stourton, Leeds

Stourton is a main industrial area of the city of Leeds. It is 2 miles to the South East of Leeds City Centre between Hunslet, the M1 motorway and Cross Green. From the 1970s onwards, the housing was demolished to make way for motorways and industrial developments. Stourton used to provide electricity for Leeds and the surrounding areas from a power station in the village, but it was demolished in the early 1990s. The village was home to significant industries such as Waddingtons and Yorkshire Copperworks.

The Leeds Boat House, Thwaite Lane, Leeds, LS10 1RN

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