At Last…small business Fire Extinguishers done properly! TI Security has been providing small business Fire Extinguishers and maintenance packages for more than 5 decades – your guarantee that we have the knowledge required to protect your business and ensure your complete compliance with fire safety regulations.

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UK Fire Extinguisher regulations and types of equipment

Our Fire Extinguishers and maintenance services are of the highest quality, so whether you need a new Extinguisher, upgrades or simply an experienced partner to keep everything in working order, you can trust TI. 10,947 businesses have already chosen us, and we want you to choose us too – and we promise we won’t let you down. As a small business, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that you’re completely compliant with current UK Fire Extinguisher regulations. By having the appropriate Extinguishers and servicing packages, you’ll also be meeting your duty of care to staff and visitors, while mitigating associated health and safety risks and the potential for costly damage to your premises, inventory and machinery. Need to upgrade your Extinguishers, or find a better and more reliable maintenance and servicing provider? We promise a fast, transparent and friendly service at all times.

Small Business Fire Extinguisher

We promise that if you choose us as your Fire Extinguisher servicing partner or supplier, we’ll ensure you have the right type of equipment to meet UK Fire Extinguisher regulations – starting with this useful guide…

  • Water extinguisher (red)

    For wood, cloth, paper, coal, plastic and other organic material-based Fires.

  • Water spray extinguisher (with additive - red)

    Use as above but offer a much higher standard of Fire Fighting capacity.

  • Water mist extinguisher (red/white background)

    Covers A, B, C and F rated Fire risks, with certain models also being capable of Extinguishing Electrical Fires of up to 1000 volts when administered from 1m+ away from the source.

  • Multi-purpose powder extinguisher (blue)

    Suitable for Fires caused by gas, organic solids, grease, petrol, oil and paints, but must NOT be used on chip/fat pan fires.

  • Special powders dry powder extinguisher (blue)

    For lithium, magnesium, sodium and swarf/powder-form aluminium.

  • AFFF foam extinguisher (cream)

    Liquids and solids except chip/fat pans, and electrical Fires if dielectric tested and approved.

  • CO2/carbon dioxide extinguisher (black)

    Electrical equipment that is live e.g. computer servers.

  • Other Fire Fighting equipment

    Other Fire Fighting equipment that may be useful or required in your building includes Fire Blankets, Buckets and Hose Reels.


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Fire extinguishers and your business

Not only do you need to buy the right type of Fire Extinguisher for your small business, but there are also several other things you need to be aware of in order to fully understand your legal obligations and the benefits of having well located Fire Fighting equipment in your premises:

  • Fire extinguisher locations

    Because different types of Extinguishers have specific purposes, you need to assess each part of your premises, identify the associated risks and select the correct type for the location – this includes reception areas, offices, warehouses, laboratories, kitchens etc.

  • Don’t forget your fire alarm

    Fire Extinguishers in isolation are not enough to ensure your regulatory compliance, so please ensure you have a well maintained and fully working Fire Alarm system too.

  • Use and training

    Make sure that staff are fully trained in the operation of each type of Extinguisher, as using them incorrectly can be dangerous.

  • Installation

    We’ll install your Extinguishers in the most suitable and convenient place to ensure visibility and accessibility when needed.

  • Fire extinguisher maintenance

    Visually inspect all Extinguishers every month and make sure you meet the requirement for small businesses to have equipment serviced twice a year to BS 5306-3 by experts (like us!) to ensure you stay within the relevant laws. We can take care of discharging/refilling and refurbishments too.

  • Peace of mind

    Excellent reassurance in an emergency, Extinguishers help you find safe exit in the event of a Fire, or stop machinery fire from spreading and causing additional, costly damage.

All your questions answered - just book a free meeting

  • We’re happy to answer all your questions regarding current UK Fire Extinguisher regulations and your Small Business Fire Extinguisher installation, upgrade or servicing take-over during a free meeting at your convenience. We’ll give you all the information you need regarding:

  • FINANCE Get the Fire Extinguishers you need, without compromise, by spreading the cost.

  • OPERATIONS & PRODUCTION We’ll install or upgrade your system quickly and efficiently, with no disruption to your business.

  • HEALTH & SAFETY Our engineers work according to the latest health and safety requirements at all times.

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