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JEM Shopfitting is known for providing a full solution to their customers and so they came to TI Security when they wanted to find a suitable security company that could also provide a tailored but full solution. They wanted their security maintaining on an annual basis and for it to all be under one supplier.

Since the 90’s JEM Shopfitting have managed hundreds of projects across a wide range of industries, from major high street chains to independent retailers. JEM has a reputation for customer service, quality, reliability, flexibility and doing whatever it takes to get things done. JEM does not compromise on their guarantee to complete their services in time for their customers opening date. With such a highly skilled team, it allows them to go from an empty shell to producing an effective modern space, whilst providing competitive prices, first-class customer service and being aware of industry trends ensuring every customer’s project is a bespoke solution. JEM Shopfitting has the latest machinery including a CNC router, which allows obscure materials and joints to be achieved, supplying only the highest quality, durable and functional designs.

Fire Extinguishers Wakefield

JEM Shopfitting was inviting new customers into their building on a daily basis, to show off their work examples and testimonials, however, felt their small business Fire Extinguishers Wakefield looked old and outdated. They were unsure if they were up to date and were enough to protect their staff, assets and customers. Not only this but JEM wanted to make sure all of their security was up to date and in working order including their Intruder and small business Fire Alarm systems upgrading and servicing.

Servicing Fire Extinguishers Wakefield

Fire Extinguisher servicing ensures that it works straight away when needed, the engineer can pick up on things that may not be to the correct standard, such as replacing O rings and tamper seals and checking their location, type, weight and date. An engineer has to check for any damage, corrosion or leakage on the shell of the Fire Extinguishers Wakefield and that the nozzle is not clogged. Whilst the engineer was on-site, it was noted that replacements were required as they did not comply to BS 5306-3:2009 and were given a suggestion of providing a plan of all the extinguisher points so staff were aware. The engineer replaced the extinguishers and checked all fire exits, escape routes and exit stairwells were sufficiently covered by Fire Extinguishers Wakefield and that they are in the right place, easy to see and access during a fire. Updating the tag to show an inspection has been done by a fire protection service company.

Ossett, Wakefield

Ossett is a market town within the City of Wakefield, it is halfway between Dewsbury and Wakefield. In the 19th century, it was a spa town, the waters were popular with those seeking relief from certain skin diseases; now home to two real ale breweries, Ossett Brewery and Bob’s Brewing Company. Also, the town was known for Coal mining up to the late 1960s, later for textile mills and then the manufacturing of shock absorbers. To the East of Ossett is the M1 motorway which was opened on April 1967 and extended in 1968. It is now the largest town in Yorkshire and one of the largest towns in Britain without a railway station.

JEM Shopfitting Ltd, Springfield Mills, Spa Street, Ossett, WF5 0HW

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