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Over the years, we have come across many commercial clients who are wanting to install a sliding gate or business traffic barriers but are faced with the problem of only having a single lane entrance onto their site, with limited room for an intercom. We worked on an intercom system for Hesco Bastion, where the site had sufficient space for a two-lane entry and an island for the Intercom; but when we worked on the new client’s site, we found we needed a way to overcome this problem to make their site secure.

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Two-Lane entry with Intercom and island

Some sites have a wide enough entrance for a two-lane entry, enabling the installation of a traffic island in the middle, where they can situate an Intercom, but many sites don’t. On ordinary intercoms, you need to be able to push a button to connect, so if you have a single lane entrance with two-way traffic, you would require somewhere to park and get out of your vehicle to press the intercom, causing issues with passing vehicles, driver safety and it causes hold-ups on busier entrances. But on another note, if the Intercom is located on an island in the middle, it is on the wrong side for foreign drivers as they are in a left-hand drive vehicle, whilst also potentially in harm’s way, where it is more prone to accidental damage and repair bills.

Hands-Free Intercom system

We designed a hands-free intercom business access control systems that completely eradicates the issues of single lane entry, vehicles from overseas and no space for an island. By using sensors to detect an approaching vehicle, the Intercom is activated along with a long-range microphone, allowing a driver to communicate through an open window without having to reach or get out, and staff can communicate via a speaker to the driver. This caters for left-hand drive vehicles, who can wind their window down and call their identity.

Hands-Free Intercom Process

One of the great things about this Hands-Free Intercom access control solution is that it can be connected with ANPR; allowing immediate access to staff and regular visitors who are logged on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, meaning no more key fobs or pin codes to gain entry. To create an all-round hands-free system, if a driver had their details on the ANPR system, the system unlocked the buildings main door as well as the traffic barrier system, extending the hands-free system which is usually only achievable with a swipe of a card or key fob.


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