You have finally found the security company that can provide business Access Control Systems and Door Entry systems that will bring you complete confidence and a tangible return on investment. With a focus on your specific objectives, we will design you the most suitable commercial Access Control system – including installation and maintenance – to protect you, your team, and your organisation.

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Whatever level of protection or prevention you need, we will ensure that your business Access Control and Door Entry systems exceed your expectations. With 50 years’ experience and the in-depth knowledge that comes with it, you can hand over your security responsibilities to us with the assurance that your Access Control system’s installation or upgrade will give you total control over your site, your operation, your staff, and your visitors. Our free site visit and assessments guarantee our consultants’ understanding of what security success looks like for your operation.

  • Reduce liabilities and mitigate risk
  • Monitor employees, plant, product, and premises
  • Ensure and improve security
  • Manage and enhance health & safety
  • Save operational time and, consequently, money
  • Compliance for you and your clients

Business access control systems – what we do

By harnessing the latest developments in commercial Access Control, we can bring you even bigger benefits. Integrated technologies, improved security and up-to-date systems that will stand the test of time and deliver an even better return on your investment. Networked, site-wide systems can link up every access point, from Turnstiles, Sliding Gates and Traffic Barriers in your fence line, to Intercoms and Door Entry systems, leaving no entry or exit point unmonitored – with time stamps logged with every single use. Here are some of the latest business Access Control technologies:

  • Auto create visitor cards and fobs

    Make sure every person entering your building can be identified, allowing you to issue access permission facilities to contractors and other guests as needed – all time-controlled for working hours or contract periods.

  • Access control with intercom/telephone access capabilities

    Manage visitors without the need for a physical security guard or reception staff, saving money on staffing costs.

  • Automatic number plate recognition

    Enhance your access control system with ANPR to allow smooth access flow through your Automatic Sliding or Swing Gates.

  • Biometric access control systems

    From the fingerprint to facial recognition, sensitive or high-security environments can be fitted with biometric solutions – these can also be used as a dual-permission entry solution alongside a code or proximity reader.

  • CCTV snapshots

    For additional security, we can integrate a facility for your CCTV system to take a snapshot of visitors on entry (and exit), automatically adding a photo to the audit entry log with a timestamp for complete identification.

  • Door alarms

    Integrate alarms into your doors, so any attempted forced access during working hours without the use of a security fob/biometric access will log the incident and set off an alarm.

  • Electronic locking and opening systems

    Whether your doors are made from aluminium, timber, steel, or glass, we can install a range of locking systems at varying strengths to prevent unauthorised access and ensure the door is always locked when closed. We can also install electronic door openers (especially useful for disabled access) and closers, for ease of movement and to ensure the door closes and locks after every entry/exit.

  • Emergency internal security solutions

    In case of an emergency and the requirement to exit the building swiftly, we fit ‘break glass points’ internally override the access control system from the inside.

  • Easy unlocking systems

    For general exit requirements, we can provide various options to exit from the ‘safe side’ e.g. push-to-exit wall-mounted buttons, movement detectors and long-range proximity readers (which can also work for entry) which reads the fob or lanyard from a distance to allow easy access/exit when personnel’s hands are full!

  • Time profile capabilities

    Use your software to set specific time profiles e.g. set to lock during working hours, with auto-unlock kicking in for lunchtimes or home times. This can also be set up for your Automatic Gates, Barriers and even Turnstiles.

  • Control access permissions on a person-by-person basis

    Every auto-feature and Door Entry Access Control can be managed on an individual basis, so you can assign specific authority levels depending on personnel and departments e.g. manage access permissions for contractors and temporary staff, prevent office staff entering warehouses (and vice versa), or limit server room access to key IT staff.

  • Control machinery and equipment access

    Business Access Control systems are not just limited to perimeter and Door Entry, we can also connect hazardous and dangerous machinery – including forklifts and scissor lifts – so that only qualified and approved staff can operate them.


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A commercial access control system

  • Reduces HR liabilities and risk

    Access Control and Door Entry systems can act as an important tool for monitoring staff and contractor movements. By providing a date/time log of attendance and entry and exit flow, you have evidence for payroll and attendance queries and proof should this information be required in claims for issues such as unfair dismissals, thus reducing potential legal costs. Additionally, Access Control systems mitigate the risk of unauthorised people gaining entry to specific areas of your building or site.

  • Enhances security

    A well-designed commercial Access Control system will cover all entry/exit points, vulnerable zones, and any internal areas where you need to control pedestrian flow – letting the right people into designated areas, while simultaneously preventing entry for anyone without approval – without the need for manually checking every movement.

  • Modify behaviour

    If you have had any issues with theft in locker rooms, or unauthorised access attempts in sensitive business areas, Access Control systems that log individuals’ movements will prevent these actions from taking place.

  • Improves health & safety

    If you use or store hazardous materials or dangerous equipment and machinery, a high-quality commercial Access Control system can prevent unqualified personnel from gaining entry to these areas or operating machinery – preventing accidents and the subsequent claims that could be made for workplace injuries.

  • Enhanced monitoring of staff and site visitors

    Staff movements can be monitored from external and perimeter access points such as Gates and Barriers, and all internal doors too, so you have an auditable log of staff access to help with payroll management etc.

  • Saves time and money

    Manually staffing and checking every access point and individuals’ movements take considerable time: a business Door Entry system allows you to cut down on staff, while also reducing the workload for HR and accounting staff – saving time and money.

  • Compliance

    Access Control system installations allow you to physically demonstrate that each area of your business is protected and monitored for personnel movement, ensuring product, stock and machinery cannot be interfered with and helping you to comply with British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards, GDPR and Quality Assurance with intuitive audit trails,

Access control systems installation and IT integration

  • Your business Access Control systems installation will be backed-up with sophisticated software. We will work directly with your IT team to ensure the smooth integration of every element of your solution. We can integrate your Access Control systems with your business CCTV and other products, creating one streamlined security framework, utilising your current IT model including Cloud access for monitoring while on the move.

  • You want your Access Control products to provide as many benefits as possible to get the maximum ROI – and the auditing capabilities of your Access Control network will deliver exactly that, helping you with logistical, operational, administration and staff management.

All your questions answered - Just book a free meeting

You are sure to have lots of questions about how commercial Access Control systems can help your business, and to make sure you choose the right supplier – so we are happy to be put in the firing line during a face-to-face meeting, where you can ask us all your questions so we can address and overcome any concerns. This meeting gives you the opportunity to access tailored information on the benefits that business Access Control and Door Entry systems can offer and find out how we can seamlessly work with your organisation:

  • Finance

    We offer flexible leasing on all business Access Control systems, helping you manage cash flow, increase tax efficiency, fix costs, and ensure you have the best and latest equipment.

  • Operations & Production

    Agree what Access requirements we may have and coordinate them with your production and operations team to ensure there is minimal or no impact on your business during your Access Control systems installations.  We will also liaise and work with your site maintenance department and any other internal and external contractors and partners.

  • IT

    You need to know that any data traffic and software integrated and introduced to your network is safe and secure.  We will not expose your business to cyber risk, and our team here at TI Security will work in conjunction with your IT specialists.

  • Health & Safety

    We can provide a Program of Works, agree Permits to Work and create tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements according to your specific site requirements.

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