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We have been working with Tele Products for many years now, and over the years provided them with many security products including recently Intercom York…

Tele Products have been designing, manufacturing high-quality PAT testers and telecom test instruments for over 25 years. Also trading under the well-known names of First Stop Safety and Crucible Technologies, with the values of honesty and respect at the forefront of their business. Tele Products provide half-day training courses for those that are wanting an in-house solution to get you up to speed. Also offering energy monitoring equipment to ensure that your company bills and carbon emissions are under control so you can be conscious of how environmentally friendly your business is.

Intercom York

Intercom York also known as Door Entry or small business access control systems, allows a user to restrict entry into their building. This can come in useful when juggling a shop where you cannot always be in the reception area greeting customers. Having a door that you control by opening or restricting entry per customer is not only convenient and efficient, but it allows you to give your full attention to every customer that walks through your door. Exactly the requirement that Tele Products were going for!

Door Entry Intercom York Installation

Tele Products required door entry on their front door, where all customers and deliveries come through, we recommended a simple system where a user presses a button on a keypad at the front door, that they can then approve or deny access into their building, keeping the door firmly locked, or released for a few seconds. The person acknowledging the handset then knows there will be a customer about to enter, giving them time to get to the area before the customer, reducing the theft of equipment or stock in the reception area. Having an intercom system means you are never opening the door to a complete stranger, as it allows you to ask for a quick briefing before allowing them to enter. Also, not having to stay in the reception area all the time increases productivity and becomes a safety benefit to the business of knowing who is in your building in the event of an emergency.


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