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O’Connor’s called us saying they felt their site encouraged unexpected visitors to gain entry without them even knowing, but felt an Automatic Gate may cause a problem for passing traffic when HGV’s are trying to gain access off the main road. Let’s take a look at their Sliding Gate Leeds…

O’Connor Utilities is based in Manchester with offices in Wales, Yorkshire and London. They are a utility contractor established in 1994 which provide a hands-on service to their clients. Allowing clients to have the confidence that projects are delivered by experienced teams with personal customer service to allow a successful delivery anywhere in the country. Offering competitive design, planning, project management and installation services across telecommunications, water, gas, electricity and directional drilling work sectors. With their reputation been built on delivering a level of quality that exceeds our client’s expectations to deliver and be flexible enough to respond to every client’s particular needs.

Sliding Gate Leeds

Access into your work premises can easily be taken for granted. An open entrance is great for HGVs and staff to gain a quick and easy entrance but also welcomes unwanted visitors. To prevent access but allow staff and deliveries entry, O’Connor’s required a Business Sliding Security Gate so we went out to see what we could do.

Automatic Sliding Gate Leeds

We suggested 2x Automatic business Sliding security Gates, one for the Entry and one for the Exit of the site and a manual pedestrian gate all fitted with Paxton Net2 business Access Control systems. The x2 heavy duty Automatic Cantilever Sliding Gate Leeds were both 2.4m high and made to suit a 7m opening each. The design of the gate included 358 mesh infill and anti-climb spikes preventing any access over the gate. O’Connor Utilities wanted to make sure their Gates which protected their perimeter, were prominent but also matched their corporate colours so the gate was matched to the correct RAL colours of their logo. With the addition of all safety edges, photocells, flashing warning lights and safety warning signs added as standard to ensure the gate was safe and compliant.

Business Access Control Systems

For easy operation of the Sliding Gate Leeds, we suggested partnering it with one of our Business Access Control Systems, Paxton Net2. This is an Audio and Video surface mounted intercom with an integrated keypad and proximity reader, located on the unsecured side of the Automatic Gate system to allow pedestrians and vehicles to press the intercom and tell the operator who they are to gain access.

Stourton, Leeds

Stourton is the main industrial area in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. It is 2 miles to the South East of Leeds City Centre between Hunslet, the M1 motorway and Cross Green. From the 1970s onwards, the housing was demolished to make way for motorways and industrial developments. Stourton used to provide electricity for Leeds and the surrounding areas from a power station in the village, but it was demolished in the early 1990s. The village was home to significant industries such as Waddington’s, Yorkshire Copperworks and Cameron’s Iron Works.

O’Connor Utilities, Pontefract Road, Leeds, LS10 1SW

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