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Manufacturing has the highest rate of recalls and withdrawals with labelling and packaging, in issue 7 the guideline document discusses a company should review their security on a regular basis as well as by a certification body to assess their premises, operation systems and procedures. This includes random inspections, testing and mock exercises, the aim being to identify weaknesses in a system and individual performance, offering an opportunity to look more strategically at operations. By using the right technology and hardware, it can make a significant improvement to the day-to-day workflow at production facilities, Linpac decided to install duty rated business Sliding security Gates which perform rapidly and are designed to cope with the continual and repeat operation, they are 2.4m high and are topped with anti-climb spikes as well as 358 mesh, they are much more secure than a traditional rising barrier that was previously in place.

LINPAC Packaging manufacture and provide rigid and flexible packaging to customers throughout the world in the retail, catering, food manufacturing and packaging sectors. The UK based company develops food packaging to lower the levels of food waste, improve standards of hygiene and have convenient packaging solutions. LINPAC Packaging understands that consumers want dairy, meat, fish and poultry products that are fresh, secure and well presented, to help their customer’s products perform. Traditionally found in takeaway stores, sandwich shops and casual food service outlets, the market is now rapidly expanding into large supermarket chains.

Access Control on a Sliding Gate

Business Access Control systems prevent unauthorised members to enter particular areas, it can be used as a management tool, allowing you to see, record and measure the movement of people and analyse efficiencies across production cycles to identify risks and investigate incidents. Those that deal with high staff turnover or agency workers, it becomes valuable especially when integrated with CCTV for businesses, as the entry and exit points are covered by surveillance, removing the need for Sliding Gate housing or reception staff. With media and public attention focused on the way companies behave, reputation is important, demonstrating that an organisation is equipped to investigate breaches and that they are not cutting corners or acting unethically towards those in the supply chain.

ANPR on a Sliding Gate

At LINPAC’s St Helens site, they wanted to install Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras at vehicle entrance points in order to review and improve the flow of delivery vehicles and other traffic. We assisted Linpac to design a true one-way system at a low cost, with new road marketing and some civil works. The result was improved traffic flow and a robust, efficient vehicle access system that removes the need for manual log keeping. Vehicle registration details are now typically entered into the system in advance and when drivers arrive on the site, the correct department is automatically notified without the need for security staff to be involved. ANPR systems like this can be used to control Automatic Sliding Gate to direct delivery vehicles to the correct bays and record the times that the vehicle arrived and departed which improves vehicle flow and speeds up operations across the company.

St Helens

St Helens is a large town in Merseyside, England. It is in the South West of Lancashire 6 miles North of the River Mersey. The town historically lays within the Lancashire division known as “hundred”. In the 18th century, it was known for coal mining and glassmaking, also home to cotton and linen industries. Pilkington Glass is the only remaining large industrial employer of glass in the town, producing all the UK’s output of flat glass. St Helens is 11 miles to the east of Liverpool and 23 miles from Manchester.

Brindley Road, Saint Helens, WA9 4HY

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