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The Chemical company felt there wasn’t a way to handle the complex traffic management flow of HGV’s, cars and pedestrians, they wanted to minimise the health and safety risks as much as possible. They thought the best way to manage the traffic was to install a business traffic barrier at the entrance/exit, but that would only control that area of activity and would not resolve the issues within the site. As the business increased so did their traffic management problems, the site had no traffic marshal and potentially an accident in their hands.

Their problem included:

  • Staff were driving into an area where HGV’s were manoeuvring
  • Knowing who could go first in the single lane entrance/exit
  • Deal with congestion when vehicles are unable to safely move
  • Stop other vehicles entering the site when it is already heavily trafficked
  • Pedestrians were crossing roads where there was vehicle activity
  • Delivery drivers from overseas cannot communicate to move around the site safely
  • The tank farm with hazardous chemicals had sources of ignition nearby I.e. vehicles.
  • People taking wrong turnings were parking up in lorry bays

Founded in Switzerland over 100 years ago, they are now a global leading chemical and construction company. Producing systems and products including bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing and protecting for the building and motor vehicle sector; always put the customer first ensuring they provide and maintain the highest quality standards with their products and services. Including their commitment to designing their solutions with customers success in mind and to build a long-lasting and beneficial relationship rather than just a short-term business. Focusing on enhancing the durability and improving energy and material efficiency, putting safety first, creating a safe working environment is always a top priority.

Traffic Management system

Vehicles coming in were having to manoeuvre and reverse down a slope in order to back up into the loading bays. On the slope was a sharp right that led to the staff car park; making car access an issue when a lorry was already moving around the site and the problem of employees walking across a path of traffic to enter the offices, both drivers and staff had to have their eyes everywhere; trying to avoid potentially fatal collisions.

Traffic Management installation

We installed a business traffic barrier at the entrance/exit with sensor posts that measure the height of the vehicle approaching. We included an ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system, to raise the barrier for those that were authorised (such as staff), so they could enter the site unchecked. If a vehicle was detected at the entrance and their number plate was not on the system, the system switches to a hands-free intercom. This included a long-range microphone and speaker so the driver can hear and discuss where they wanted to be, as verbal communication could be a problem, we added a clear map of the site on a large board so visitors know where to go. The board has lights on each area, with the addition of CCTV for business cameras at the entrance point, this allowed staff to suggest an area to go to, the board then lights the area up and likewise the rotating beacons around the site, to direct the driver to that place, offering both a map and physical reference. If the entry is clear, the barrier raises and the driver can head down to the spot.

Additional Traffic Management features

The traffic barrier at the entrance of the staff car park is automatically locked down if another vehicle is detected and will only raise when the single entry/exit lane is clear, preventing congestion and potential incidents, this is done with the addition of ground loops at the entry point. We installed a pedestrian crossing which is linked to all of the systems, if either barrier is in operation or a vehicle is detected, the red light will indicate it is not safe to cross, if it is clear the light turns green and a loudspeaker announces it is safe to proceed, locking the barriers down.


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