Sliding Gates FAQ

Sliding Gates Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Sliding Gate?

    Sliding Gates open horizontally, either on wheels or rollers.

  • How do Automatic Gates work?

    Automatic Gates use technology including electric motors to open and close. They can be controlled by a remote or keypad, or can be programmed to open with the use of sensors or cameras.

  • How do I maintain my Automatic Gate?

    Regular maintenance is important to ensure that your Automatic Gate is functioning properly and to extend its lifespan, maintenance includes checking the gate’s safety features so that it’s fit for use. As Gate Safe installers, our engineers are trained to recognise dangers of Automatic Gates, for more information contact us today.

  • What is a safety edge?

    A safety edge on a gate is a sensor that is typically installed on the bottom edge of the gate. It is designed to detect when something is in the way of the gate while it is closing, and will cause the gate to stop or reverse its direction to prevent injury or damage. This feature is an important safety measure to have on an Automatic Gate to prevent accidents.

  • What are features of safe Automatic Gates?

    • Safety edges – a safety edge detects whether something is in the way while it is closing and stops or reverses the Gate’s movement to prevent injury or damage.
    • Emergency stop button – An emergency stop button allows the user to quickly and easily stop the gate’s movement in case of an emergency.
    • Photoelectric sensors – These sensors detect the presence of people or objects in the gate’s path and can cause the gate to stop or reverse its movement to prevent accidents.
    • Obstacle detection – Some Automatic Gates come equipped with obstacle detection technology that can detect and respond to objects in the gate’s path, helping to prevent accidents.
    • Automatic closing feature – An automatic closing feature can be set to close the gate a certain amount of time after it has been opened, helping to ensure that the gate is closed when it should be.
    • Controlled access – Automatic Gates can be controlled by a remote, keypad, or card reader, allowing only authorized individuals to enter the property.
    • Automatic opening with sensors or cameras- Some gates open automatically with the use of sensors or cameras, which is especially convenient for people who frequently enter and leave the property.
    • Manual override – Some Automatic Gates come with a manual override feature that allows the gate to be opened and closed manually in case of power outages or other emergencies.
  • What is a safety edge?

    A safety edge is made up of two conductive rubber surfaces, each with a connection wire through the entire length. When the safety edge is pressed the two surfaces meet and create a short between them which cuts the signal being monitored by the control electrics. This would reverse or stop the gate’s motion.

  • How do photocells work?

    Photocells send infrared beams to each other, if the beam is broken the photocells send a signal to the Automatic Gate control panel, which can be programmed to tell the gates to stop or open fully depending on their placement and when needed.

  • How can I make sure my gate is safe?

    Regular maintenance by trained professionals can ensure your gate is well kept. At TI Security, our engineers are Gate Safe trained meaning they are aware of Automatic Gate dangers and how to prevent them when installing and maintaining gates, for more information about what we can do for you get in touch.

  • What are the benefits of a Sliding Gate system?

    Automatic Sliding Gates can be implemented as standalone solutions, or additional access control products, depending on the level of security you require. The predominant benefits of installing this type of security measure are:

    • Prevent unauthorised entry – stop pedestrians or vehicles from wandering onto your premises or into your building without your knowledge or permission.
    • Health and safety – prevent people from accessing parts of your site where there may be hazardous materials present, dangerous equipment or other risks.
    • Protect property and assets – minimise the risk of theft, such as vans driving onsite to steal scrap, and other crimes.
    • Vehicle control – slow down cars and lorries and control traffic flow.
    • School safety – meet your responsibilities for the protection of staff and pupils.
    • Airport and high-security sites – mitigate the risk of security breaches in elevated-threat environments
  • Why choose TI Security for your Automatic Sliding Gates?

    You need to be sure that your supplier and installation company has the appropriate level of knowledge and experience. When you choose us as your security partner, you’ll get this and so much more:

    • Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) accredited
    • Gate Safe Aware approved installer
    • Safe Contractor approved
    • Established for over 5 decades
    • A reputation for honesty and integrity
    • 24-hour support and call out service
    • Quality assured
    • FREE site surveys and consultation
    • Hot dip galvanisation available
    • Powder coating options to match your corporate branding colours
    • Friendly but professional service
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