Are you looking for an Access Control installer in Wakefield? We only provide the highest quality products for your simple or complex Door Entry needs, our systems are suitable for not only your main entrance but internal uses and externally on your Gate or Barrier, to protect your premises and organisation.

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Why choose TI Security for your Access Control in Wakefield?

Access Control allows you to save money on staffing costs by allowing you to manage your visitors without the need for a security guard or reception staff. To prevent unauthorised access, we can install a range of our Door Entry systems on doors made from aluminium, timber, steel or glass.

Regardless of how simple or complex your requirements are, we want you to choose the right Access Control installer for your Wakefield business. We are happy to address any questions in a face to face meeting regarding your existing or new system. We can assess your existing system and see if additions can be made ensuring they meet your requirements, your insurance and any legal obligations.

We offer flexible leasing so you don’t have to compromise on your Door Entry or Intercom system, allowing you to spread the cost and help you manage your cash flow, so you can have the best Access Control system in Wakefield.

We can provide any necessary permits to work and RAMS to suit your business’ requirements, to avoid any disruption we will liaise with your IT or operations team to upgrade/install your Commercial Access Control system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Access Control can be linked to every access point, it does not have to be an external door, it can be any door, turnstile, gate or barrier. It allows you to control pedestrian and vehicle flow, leaving a timestamp with every use. We can install electronic door openers and closers alongside your Access Control; these are useful for disabled access and allow ease of movement. This also ensures that the door closes and locks after every entry/exit.

A simple Door Entry system can be a small keypad on your entrance door to prevent unauthorised access. To add more security to a simple system, you could add fobs or different codes for different users if necessary. A more complex Access Control system may include controlling access at your main entrance, delivery door and sensitive work areas including your server room.

If you choose TI Security for your Business Access Control provider in Wakefield, here are some of the benefits we offer:


    Many businesses require a standalone Door Entry system to use at their main entrance or reception area. If you only have one door that you need to manage, we can install a simple Intercom system to provide access and security at a low cost.


    Our Access Control systems have software with the ability to set specific time profiles including the auto-unlocking of doors during lunchtimes, home time and the ability to lock all doors during working hours. This can be set for your Automatic Gates, Barriers and Turnstiles too.

    Every door can be managed on an individual basis, allowing you to assign specific authority levels, including managing permissions for contractors and temporary staff to enter only the necessary rooms at certain times, or limiting only IT staff to access the server room.

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    Access Control prevents unauthorised people from gaining entry into specific rooms or areas of your building, such as an unqualified member of staff not having the ability to gain entry into a restricted machinery operated area.

    Our Door Entry systems allow you to effectively manage health and safety by having the ability to monitor employees and create a log. Having a log of movements helps you to comply with the British Retail Consortium (BRC), GDPR and Quality Assurance audit trails.

    A log is an important tool for monitoring staff and contractor movements, it provides a log of attendance, time, entry and exit flow; so you have evidence for payroll queries and proof should this information be required.


    You can enhance your Access Control system with ANPR, this allows a smooth flow of access through your Automatic Gate or Barrier. The ANPR reads a vehicles number plate, checks against the system that it has the correct permissions, before allowing them to enter.


    If you have multiple doors within your premises, you may require an integrated, networked system that combines several Door Entry systems into one easy to manage system. This is ideal for those who wish to create a report log, itemising who used what doors and when – saving time and money on manual staffing, but also creating an easy flow throughout your site and the ability to restrict access to only where necessary.


    To ensure every person entering your building can be identified, you can automatically create cards or fobs and issue them to contractors or guests, with the ability to control their access and add working hours or contract periods.

    Many customers choose key fob readers because they are more hygienic than using a keypad and no one has to remember a code to gain entry. They remove the risk of losing expensive keys and the Fobs cannot be duplicated like a key, so if a fob is lost, it can be disabled.


    In case of an emergency and the requirement to exit the building quickly, we will install break glass points on the ‘safe side’ to override the Access Control system. For general exit requirements, we can provide push to exit buttons, movement detectors and long-range proximity readers which read the fob from a distance to allow easy access or exit.


    We offer fingerprint scanners and facial recognition Access Control for those operating in a high-risk industry or location. This can be used alongside a code or fob reader to create a dual permission entry system.

Got a question about Access Control systems in Wakefield?

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