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GDS Technologies contacted TI Security regarding their small business Fire Extinguishers; an engineer was servicing their Fire and small business Burglar Alarm when he pointed out that we could service their Fire Extinguishers Garforth too.

GDS Technologies specialise in the manufacturing of gas monitoring and fixed gas detection systems, they are designed for personnel protection against toxic, flammable and asphyxiate gases. For over 25 years GDS Technologies have manufactured and designed all of their gas detection units in their purpose-built manufacturing facility in the North of England. They are known for designing and manufacturing to the highest quality standard with an outstanding reputation for reliability and after-sales service. The Gas monitoring and detection systems are targeted at gas and oil, manufacturing and food processing industries and so GDS are positioned to not only distribute to local but also worldwide markets.

Fire Extinguishers Garforth

Small business Fire Extinguishers are an essential protection measure in the event of a Fire. Each type of extinguisher contains different substances such as water, powder or foam, and are available in different sizes. It is important the right type of Fire Extinguishers Garforth is available as determined in your Fire Risk Assessment, as it will help know which to use in a situation. Fires can be caused by different types of fuel, and so some extinguishers are more suited to dealing with certain types of fire than others. However, using the wrong type of Fire Extinguisher could make the situation worse.

Servicing Fire Extinguishers Garforth

Fire Extinguishers Garforth must be commissioned before use to check for CE Marks, the correct pressure gauges, their weight, tamper seals are intact, nozzle attachment has no blockages, it is damage free, correctly placed and the correct type of Fire Extinguisher. This is a requirement of the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Act 2005’. It is important to have your Fire Extinguishers serviced so that anyone can access and be able to deploy the right type of fire extinguisher at the right time, but also encourage people to use them to move towards fire exits and fire alarm call points.

Garforth, Leeds

Garforth is a town in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire. Garforth was owned in the 17th century by the Gascoigne family which ran several coal mines in the area. Originally it was a coal mining area it now is known for its manufacturing and motor vehicle repairs, which make over more than a third of the workforce in the area. Garforth is near the A1(M), M1 and the M62 with access via Junctions 46 and 47 bringing visitors to the area for the industrial estate that includes ourselves and Ginetta Cars.

GDS Technologies Ltd, 1 Ash Lane, Garforth, Leeds, LS25 2GA

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Do your Fire Extinguishers Garforth comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Act 2005? We can take a look to make sure they meet all regulations and will be reliable when required; if so please call us on 0113 281 2106 where we can provide a no-obligation quote.

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