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Search Laboratory called TI Security when they required an installation of a small business Burglar Alarm at their Chapel Allerton building. Years later, they moved to their new site in Lawnswood and needed security systems putting in place, and called to ask if we could take over, upgrade and install new equipment; including Fire Extinguishers Leeds.

Working alongside companies such as Viking, Hootsuite, Nokia and Oasis; Search Laboratory is a global digital marketing company. They have multiple services ranging from SEO and PPC to developing digital marketing strategies; with over 140 employees in three global offices. Founded by Ian Harris in 2005, he was fed up of seeing budgets thrown blindly into digital marketing. He was Chief Technology Officer for a leading web translation software company at the time and spotted the need for a more robust PPC bid management system. The Search Laboratory team now delivers campaigns in almost every country in the world and cover over 35 languages; managing many millions of pounds, euros and dollars of its clients’ investments each month, giving the best results for their clients’ budgets.

Fire Extinguishers Leeds

We sent an engineer to take over and service the equipment already in place in their new building, which included Fire Extinguishers Leeds. To do the Fire Extinguisher servicing, the engineer firstly checks the dates on the extinguishers to see if they need replacing before performing a service, this is because Search Laboratory has Water, Foam and CO2 extinguishers and they all have different expiry dates. All Fire Extinguishers Leeds were checked that they have the correct pressure, as a drop-in pressure can render the extinguisher useless and so require replacing right away.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing Leeds

When servicing it is important the engineer checks there is no obvious damage, corrosion or leakage on the shell of the small business Fire Extinguisher and the nozzle is not clogged. This includes checking the locking pin and the tamper seal are intact and in good condition. Finally, the engineer checks all fire exits, escape routes and exit stairwells are sufficiently covered by Fire Extinguishers Leeds and that they are in the right place, easy to see and access during a fire. Updating the tag to show an inspection has been done by a fire protection service company.

Lawnswood, Leeds

Lawnswood is a small suburb in the North West of the city of Leeds, 4 miles North of Leeds City Centre. Golden Acre Park lies to the North of Lawnswood and separates it from Bramhope and is bordered by West Park, Adel, Ireland Wood and Holt Park with the A660 Leeds to Otley Road runs through Lawnswood. Lawnswood is within walking distance of Headingley Stadium and so many of the residents are supporters of Leeds Rhinos Rugby League Club. Playwright Alan Bennett and BBC television presenter John Craven attended Lawnswood School.

Search Laboratory, BlokHaus West Park, Ring Road, Leeds, LS16 6QG

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Do your Fire Extinguishers Leeds require a service? We can install, takeover and service your Fire Extinguishers ensuring they work straight away when needed; please call us on 0113 281 2106, where we can discuss your options.

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