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Pemsa contacted us after we installed their Intruder Alarm, wanting to add Video Intercom Leeds to control who they let into their building. We headed to their building in Hunslet, Leeds to see what we could do…

Pemsa is a Spanish Cable Management manufacturer with their UK headquarters located in Hunslet, Leeds. They supply their range of Wire Mesh and Perforated Cable Trays and Cable Ladder throughout the UK which is then installed in many commercial properties such as Shopping Centres, Schools, Data Centres etc. for the routing and management of cables.

Video Intercom Leeds

Video Intercom Leeds also known as Door Entry or business access control systems, restricts entry into a building. Relying on an audio and clear picture quality video feed to confirm a person. Pemsa wanted the Intercom installed on their main front door to prevent any unauthorised access by only allowing entry to visitors that they could recognise whilst still allowing staff entry with a fob. We recommended a system where a caller presses a button on a keypad at the front door, that then calls an internal handset, where they approve or deny access into their building, keeping the door firmly locked, or released for just a few seconds.

Door Entry Video Intercom Leeds ease

Having a Video Intercom Leeds system allows you to be ready for any customer or delivery and see those who are trying to gain entry, that way you are never opening the door to a complete stranger. Having a system at the entrance that has a camera built in and is in a clear place for everyone to see, will scare off potential intruders, knowing that they are being recorded. This reduces the need to constantly monitor your reception area or door, therefore increasing productivity and potentially lowering costs. It also becomes a benefit to the business when meeting security and safety procedures, knowing who is in your building in the event of an emergency.


Hunslet is an inner-city area in the south of Leeds. It is 1 mile south-east of the city centre and is known for its industrial past. Hunslet has the M621 and A61 pass through, making it convenient to access. Hunslet has kept its industrial theme with having multiple manufacturing and heavy engineering companies in the area, such as manufacturers of traction engines and builders of locomotives. The Tetley brewers set up business in 1822 producing beer and bitter in Hunslet.

Pemsa UK, 1 Sussex Avenue, Leeds, LS10 2LF

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Interested in a Video Intercom Leeds? Want to have control over who you let into your building? Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0113 281 2106 and we will discuss your options.

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