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High quality automatic swing gates, Leeds and UK-wide

Here at TI Security, we’ve applied over 4 decades of experience in providing site security solutions to ensure that our automatic swing gates are of the highest quality and safety standards.

Swing security gates offer an alternative to sliding and bi-folding gates, and while all have their advantages, these style of gates have a great aesthetic, making them ideal for commercial environments where clients are looking for a security but without compromising on style.

If you’re unsure what kind of gate system is best for you, our experts are here to help – just call us on 0113 281 2106 and we’ll arrange a free of charge site survey, whether you’re local to us in Leeds, or anywhere in the UK.

Benefits of a swing security gate

All of our swing gates offer a high level of access control and security, and require no additional power to work the automation, as they run off a standard, single phase supply.

Swing security gates are usually installed where space is more limited, as they don’t require as much room to operate across the site entrance as sliding gates do. It’s worth bearing in mind however that if your gates will open onto upward sloping land, a swing gate is unlikely to be suitable.

Our gates are cost-effective and come with a range of standard and optional features and functionality, giving you complete flexibility to choose the level of security that’s right for you.

With a single span of up to 5 meters, or a double gate span of 10 meters, our gates can help to secure most types of site entrances, and at 2.4 meters high, can also offer privacy, depending on the infill you choose:

  • Solid infills
  • Vertical bar
  • 358 prison mesh
  • Palisade
  • Timber
  • Louvre

Hot dip galvanisation protects against rust and the harsh British weather, and we can powder coat or hand paint your gates with your corporate colours, company logo or anything else you require.

Our automated swing gates can be fitted with a range of different motors, offering duty cycles of between 40% and 100% – we’ll advise on the best overall system for your traffic levels.

Swing gate safety features

As with any piece of automated machinery, you need to be confident that the installation is completely safe for use.
All of our gates:
• Comply with BS/EN 12453
• Comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC
• Are CE approved

For added operational safety, we also fit our gates with:

• Detector sensors – signals to the motor to stop and retract the gate if someone or something has crossed the sensor beam
• Warning light – flashes immediately prior to and during operation
• Audio signal – operates on the same terms as the warning light, and comes as an optional extra – the alert is loud enough for people close by to hear, but at a low enough volume that it won’t disturb your visitors or staff
• Emergency stop – you’ll be given a system key which allows you to control operation or shut down according to your needs
• Category 3 monitored safety edges – these robust rubber strips send a signal to the motor to stop and retract if they’re depressed through contact

Integrated security for swing gates

Whether you already have other access control solutions on your site or would like us to design an integrated system for you, there are plenty of options available to increase security by linking together different technologies:

For example:

  • Audio/Video intercoms – From GSM enabled intercoms to IP intercoms, we can install a range of A/V products that all you great control over vehicular and human access.
  • (ANPR) – Automatic number plate recognition allows you to predefine any vehicles you wish to allow the gates to automatically open for, so that your staff or important visitors don’t have to wait around.
  • Proximity readers – we have a range of key fobs for easy swipe entry, or even long range versions which are fantastic for delivery vehicles that need to operate efficiently and enter and exit the site on a regular basis
  • Traffic management systems – choose from a basic red/green traffic light, to a management system that lets you control and change parameters such as in/out movement priority
  • Vehicle induction loops – allow automatic opening when vehicles approach – you can use these for low security sites, or simply as an easy exit solution
  • Fire alarm systems– ensure that your swing gates are open for fast and safe evacuation if the fire alarm is triggered


We can also fit digital keypads so you can issue personnel with a pin code to enter on arrival.


Our integration capabilities don’t stop there, as we can also install your new automatic gate with other perimeter security measures, such as

  • Existing fence line – we can even match the colours for a seamless look
  • Electric fencing – for high security
  • Razor wire extensions – another add-on option for higher security requirements

Taking care of every stage of your swing gate installation

When you work with TI Security, you can relax, confident that you’ll receive only the very best customer service standards and support, advice and guidance, from initial query, to delivery and installation.

Our network of civil and technical engineers can complete all groundworks and site preparation, and will install your system quickly and carefully – usually in just one day. You’ll be left with a handover pack containing all the important documents you need, including your CE certificate, maintenance guides and emergency procedures.

Once your security gate system is up and running, we offer great value gate maintenance and servicing packages, and are always on hand to answer your questions.

If you feel that an automatic swing gate is the right entrance security product for you, please drop us a line or give us a call on 0113 281 2106.

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