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TI Security manufactures, installs, maintains and repairs a comprehensive range of automatic turnstiles for the control, restriction and monitoring of pedestrian traffic to your site, providing perimeter or internal security according to your specific requirements.

With over 45 years of experience in site security, our experts and engineers ensure that all installations meet essential health and safety criteria, and we’re happy to arrange a free site survey and quotation under no obligation.

We’ll help you to identify the right turnstile system for your individual needs, and can install them within your existing fence line or design an integrated system incorporating a range of additional security features if required. Our team are ready to take your call and offer their advice – give us a call on 0113 281 2106.

Types of entrance turnstiles

We appreciate that every site’s security needs are different and have developed a product range to reflect this, including:

  • Half height turnstiles
  • Full height turnstiles
  • Single turnstiles
  • Double turnstiles
  • Dual directional turnstiles
  • Pedestrian/bicycle turnstiles
  • Mechanical turnstiles
  • Custom built turnstiles
  • Automatic glazed pedestrian gates
  • Speed gates
  • Wall mounted turnstiles
  • Floor mounted turnstiles
  • Electronic turnstiles
  • Barrier-free optical turnstiles
  • Stainless steel turnstiles

Robust and reliable to cope in all weather conditions, our turnstiles can be hot-dipped galvanised and powder coated to complement your brand identity, with elegant designs available to suit corporate environments.

Full Height Turnstile Examples

Double Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-1
turnstile system
Double Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-2
security gate
Double Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-3
example of turnstile design
Single Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-4
gate turnstile
Single Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-5
turnstile entry gate
Single Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-6
full height turnstile
Single Turnstile SystemProduct ref: AAFH-7
example of turnstile design
Single Cylinder Gate SystemProduct ref: AAFH-8

Half Height Turnstile Examples

single turnstile
Architectural single turnstileProduct ref: AAHH-1
single entry turnstile
Single entry turnstile
metal turnstile
Available double sidedProduct ref: AAHH-1
disabled swing gate
Available double sidedProduct ref: AAHH-2
Security entrance turnstile
Product ref: AAHH-3
swing gate with direction sign
Product ref: AAHH-4
VIP swing gate
Available double sidedProduct ref: AAHH-5
security turnstile
Product ref: AAHH-6
small swing gate
Product ref: AAHH-12
entry turnstile
Product ref: AAHH-7
Product ref: AAHH-8
Product ref: AAHH-9
Product ref: AAHH-10
Product ref: AAHH-11
Product ref: AAHH-11

Turnstile features, benefits and installation

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the types of turnstiles we offer, and explore some of their applications, features and benefits…

Custom built, full height turnstiles – designed to provide secure access in more unusual environments, such as enlarged entrance parameters to allow personnel wearing f armour or riot gear to pass through.

Marine applications – due to high corrosion levels, we can manufacture from stainless steel in external and internally installed turnstiles for sea food production.

Half height turnstiles – stainless steel construction allows for internal or external installation, and their modern design and smart aesthetics ensure they fit any surroundings, especially customer-facing areas, such as lobbies.

Health and safety – stainless steel turnstiles are also suitable for food processing sites, to maintain hygiene standards and provide food chain security REFERENCE BRC 7.

Longevity despite exposure – our stainless steel turnstiles can provide a more robust solution for coastal areas, where salt can cause accelerated degradation of other materials.

Partitioning and shopfitting – we can provide a range of partitioning services to complement your turnstile, such as fixed glazed units, stainless steel handrails, mini-fences, counters and other features, to create a stylish, safe and secure area for controlled access.

Disabled access – we can install auto glazed pedestrian gates, with the capability to allow regular access or wheelchair admission as required.

Speed gates –automatic glazed partitions that slide back into place after authorised entry.

Electronic systems – sophisticated, non-physical access control that allows authorised personnel to enter your site by use of their proximity card, with non-authorised visitors triggering a security alert via access detection features.

Company branding – we can etch your company logo or slogan onto our glazed panels and doors, in order to maintain branding across your site

Integrated access control for added security

We offer a wide range of access control and other security solutions for integration with your turnstiles. These include, but are not limited to:

Access control panels – the installation of special mounting plates allows the integration of a wide range of access control products, such as networked proximity readers, swipe cards and biometric readers.

Intercoms – integration with IP, audio and visual intercoms, and GSM for remote locations.

Fire alarms – integration with existing or new fire alarm or evacuation systems, including roll-call functionality to enable the registration of personnel exiting the building upon a raised alarm.

Time and attendance monitoring – log staff movements in and out of the building in order to monitor attendance and assist with HR management.

Directional LED arrows – ensure visitors know where they need to go by integrating directional displays, showing flow of foot traffic. Directions can be adjusted at different times or to cater for higher or lower levels of use. Multiple turnstiles can be managed according to a variety of parameters, such as 3 in/1 out, or 2 in/2 out etc.

Volume management – electronic systems that have the capability to count visitors in and out can send an alert when the building or venue is at full capacity to ensure health and safety compliance.

Visitor induction systems – your turnstiles can be fitted with great features to help in a reception or lobby; a touchscreen allows the visitor to take a photo and register on the visitor system – the photo is then printed onto a sticker for the visitor to wear. This function can be set to a ‘pre-registration’ requirement for enhanced security.

Some integration capabilities may not be available on all turnstile types, but our security experts will advise you every step of the way.

Infrastructure for smooth installation

In order to ensure an efficient and consistently high quality installation, we also provide all infrastructure requirements, taking care of:

  • All groundworks
  • Electrics
  • Ducting
  • Concrete foundations
  • Alterations to existing, or installation of new, integrated fence lines or railings
  • Footpaths directing pedestrians to turnstiles


We also provide competitive turnstile maintenance, servicing and repair packages to ensure the longevity of your products.

Call us for a free site survey and quote

Whatever your requirements, whether a single turnstile, a fully integrated security system, or installations across multiple sites, we have the capacity, knowledge and experience to deliver outstanding products and exceptional results.

For more information about the types of turnstiles available, or to arrange a free site survey and quotation, please call our team on 0113 281 2106 and we’ll be happy to offer our advice and assistance.

Turnstile System Demonstration Video

Please have a look at our turnstile demonstration video below which shows our turnstile at a new installation and demonstrates a small selection of the available options for turnstile access

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