If you require a new Burglar Alarm in Wakefield, an upgrade or any additions to your existing system, we will plan and provide the best approach to protect your organisation. We offer a range of high-quality Wired or Wireless Burglar Alarm systems in Wakefield.

Why choose TI Security for your Burglar Alarm in Wakefield?

To make sure you choose the right supplier in Wakefield for your Burglar Alarm system, we are happy to have a face-to-face meeting where you can ask any questions to overcome any concerns and see how we can help your business. All information is tailored around the benefits that TI Security and our Burglar Alarm system can offer your organisation to provide the very best Burglar Alarm system in Wakefield.

We offer flexible leasing, so your business doesn’t compromise its security, but spreads the cost to help you manage your cash flow whilst ensuring you have the best Business Burglar Alarm equipment.

To ensure there is minimal disruption to your business, we will liaise with your operations team and IT department to install/upgrade your Intruder Alarm quickly and efficiently. We can provide any permits to work and tailored risk assessments and method statements to suit your site’s requirements.

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Burglar Alarm Systems in Wakefield – Features and Benefits

Fed up of false alarms and call-out costs from your current Intruder Alarm provider? We can put an end to that. Older Burglar Alarms may cause false alerts, leaving you uncovered by your insurance, should you need to claim. We will only ever recommend a business Burglar Alarm system or upgrade that meets your requirements whilst keeping your organisation safe and within your budget. Here are some of the services and benefits you can access if you choose TI Security:

  • Burglar Alarm Monitoring & Police Response

    Our 24/7 monitoring services allow you to relax in the knowledge that our experts are keeping an eye on your site out of hours. Our Wakefield Burglar Alarms send signals directly to our monitoring station, where our operatives will immediately notify the Police if necessary, to receive an urgent, rapid response.

    We can set time parameters to alert you if your Burglar Alarm hasn’t been set by a specific time. Our monitoring station would call to let you know and set the Alarm remotely, if the last person to leave forgot. This is ideal for lone workers and is additional security to ensure your insurance is valid. Should this situation occur and you have CCTV on your premises, we can set up access to view your cameras from your phone/PC, to check if any staff are present to remind them to set the Alarm on exit.

  • Smartphone App & Technology Choice

    We can connect your Burglar Alarm system to our smartphone app, giving you immediate access to event logs, and the ability to set or unset your Burglar Alarm remotely from your phone.

    We offer the latest Intruder Alarm technology, including Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems, to match your businesses needs and budget.

  • Visual Deterrent

    We are recognised across Yorkshire – having a new/well-maintained sounder with our name on and clear warning signage outside your premises will act as a deterrent. Your premises are full of equipment, machinery, and stock that hold a lot of financial value, our high-quality Burglar Alarm systems act as a strong deterrent to protect you from theft or criminal damage; whilst ensuring a fast response should anyone gain unauthorised access.

  • NSI Gold Accredited

    Our fully trained installers are clean and friendly – our reviews are full of praise as they always do the job properly. We’ll ensure your Burglar Alarm covers all your insurance and legal obligations whilst our NSI Gold engineers work safely and according to the latest health and safety requirements at all times.

  • BT Redcare and CSL Dualcom Signalling

    We only install the highest quality products approved by your insurance company to keep you covered. As authorised installers of BT Redcare and CSL Dualcom signalling, we minimise false alarms and the inconvenience of wasted time, making our monitoring service exceptional.

  • Burglar Alarm Takeover

    We can take over your Burglar Alarm maintenance and monitoring at a highly competitive price, and upgrade any elements that require improvement. A well-maintained Burglar Alarm system can reduce the number of false alarms that your keyholders have to respond to out of hours – which means happier staff and a reduction in expense claims.

  • Alert options

    To prevent any doors from being propped open or being used to move goods illicitly, we can set up fire door or roller shutter alerts that chime to alert you if used.

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