With 5 decades of experience in providing high quality CCTV for small businesses, TI Security can take care of both new installations and upgrades to help protect your business, and prevent theft, accidents and damage. Our small business CCTV systems are suitable for both external and internal use, and we promise exceptional service standards, quality products and highly competitive prices.

50 Years - Over 7,000 Businesses Helped

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  • Skilled CCTV installation engineers: our installers are legendary – qualified, fully trained, fast, clean, tidy, courteous, friendly – simply put, they always do the job properly – our reviews are full of praise for them!
  • Full security solutions available: we can offer a comprehensive range of security solutions for your business including burglar alarms, access control, fire alarms, grilles and shutters and electronic gates.

Improving CCTV for small businesses: Problems with your current CCTV system or supplier? Our NSI accredited engineers will enhance your security and conduct your upgrade or takeover without causing any disruption to your business.

Why choose TI for your small business CCTV systems?

10,947 businesses have already chosen TI Security for their security solutions, and we want you to choose us too – and we promise we won’t let you down.

As a small business, CCTV systems offer you complete control over your premises and operation, even when you’re not there. Not only do our CCTV systems and upgrades come at a great price with no compromise on functionality and monitoring quality, but we can also provide real peace of mind through the following benefits:

  • NSI Gold Accredited: our NSI Gold accredited status gives you 100% confidence in our products and services.
  • Speed: we provide free surveys, fast and transparent quotations and ensure your CCTV installation or upgrade project suits your timescale.
  • Monitoring: we can provide 24/7 monitoring support for all our CCTV systems, with emergency service and keyholder response facilities if required – and as the business owner/manager, you can also keep a close eye on things via live footage and playback facilities with our easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Technology choice: the cost of CCTV systems has decreased significantly over the years, so you can get IP/digital CCTV systems with exceptional picture/recording quality at a genuinely affordable price, with all advice tailored to your specific business needs.

Your small business CCTV – system features and benefits

From brand new CCTV installations, to upgrades and take-overs for an improved service, we have the technology and the technical know-how to give you the very best experience…

  • Tailored CCTV for any small business

    We listen, we learn and we advise on the best CCTV systems for your individual security objectives.

  • Complete control

    You’ll get protection exactly where you need it – from monitoring the outside of your premises, to stock storage facilities, delivery/sales points or areas that house expensive equipment and machinery.

  • HD CCTV systems

    All of our CCTV systems for small businesses are fully HD as standard – but we recommend 4k ultra HD systems for the ultimate in protection.

  • CCTV cameras

    We can provide sophisticated pan/tilt/zoom dome cameras, but due to their higher costs, as an alternative we can design a fantastic fixed camera layout to cover all areas simultaneously – which means no area is left unmonitored, while being more achievable in terms of budget.

  • Networked CCTV systems

    We’ll link your cameras to a networked video recorder, which we recommend being sited somewhere secure, where it can be locked up to prevent tampering. We can also connect your CCTV to an LCD screen of any size, so you can view real-time footage from each camera at all times.

  • Monitoring on the move

    Never be out of visual contact with your business again – whether you’re in the car, on holiday or having a day out of the office, our networked systems give you full access to all your cameras from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

  • Ultimate theft prevention

    Outside of retail environments, staff are responsible for the majority of thefts against small businesses – CCTV sends a clear message that behaviour is being monitored, and perpetrators will be dealt with.

  • Improve health and safety, reduce damage

    CCTV cameras help to ensure that employees are sticking to health and safety procedures, and provide evidence in the event of a claim for injury. A CCTV system also deters malicious damage scenarios and maintains productivity levels even when you’re not there.

  • 3-year guarantee

    We guarantee your small business CCTV system for 3 years – plus we also offer exceptional CCTV maintenance packages too.


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All your questions answered - just book a free meeting

  • We’re happy to answer all your questions regarding CCTV for small businesses during a free meeting at your convenience, clearly demonstrating how our products and services can represent a tangible return on investment. We’ll also give you all the information you need regarding:


    Get the small business CCTV system you need, without compromise, by spreading the cost.


    We’ll install or upgrade your system quickly and efficiently, with no disruption to your business.


    Our NSI Gold accredited engineers work safely and according to the latest health and safety requirements at all times.

Your business is your livelihood so you want it done right – don’t trust your small business cctv systems to anyone other than TI Security.

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